Laughing at or laughing with

Humor, the best ingredient for a good company. We, all want to smile and if possible laugh all loud, roll too. But, at what cost ? That makes a check, are we  planning to ridicule anyone and make that person an object of humiliation ? Or, we can say something funny that although, it involves a person but he  is laughing more loudly than anyone else. 

Ah! a difference, we are having fun together versus we are making fun of you 😉 Difficult ? Not really, it is difficult to make friends with people who are rude and ruthless, doesn’t care  if it breaks your heart  but would abuse you or your character , in an insulting manner and their group would  laugh at you 😦 this makes the company sad/depressing, oppressive..yes..the bullies..those who are mean and never come out clean..So..who wants to risk themselves with those who humiliate..none..unless you are boneless..

On the other hand, those who can joke with you without any personal attacks or insulting words or behavior are the people you search in a party/ crowd. They instantly bring a smile on your face, naturally no effort..The moment they appear , you get a smile by a wink they have directed towards you. They include you in their humor, in a sophisticated and sweet manner. 

The choice of words, the topic and the manner  in which they speak, makes you laugh with tears that is due to instant joy.

Satire and humor,  often seems easy but is mastered by people who have developed sensitivity to mood, occasion and word play. It is partly natural, but mostly intentional, they have inbuilt sweetness and intelligence.

The bees come to flowers for nectar , it’s the sweetness which makes them buzz around and the fly comes to garbage, its the pungent  smell that makes a crowd.

Decide, what you want to offer to those who come across you..sweetness or foul smell 😉 foul language smells real bad ..doesn’t  it ?

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

36 replies on “Laughing at or laughing with”

True, and so sad mean people exist…thus is life, and I change it everyday by bringing forth kindness and love and smiles to all…I am the servant, the protector, the real human…I am an American Indian, Red Crow, the real and true human. Mitakuye Oyasin, Dohiya my friend.

Yup, this is what I strive to be all the time. I’ve met those people who “include” you in their humor rather than foist it upon you. I like handing out the smiles.

Great post! I agree with you. I’ve known many people in my life, that are hurtful and thoughtless. When someone makes you the butt of their jokes, and spikes their words with vulgar hateful profanity it is no laughing matter. Self deprecating humour always wins out with me.

Hi Kalabalu. The old saying still has meaning ‘ Laugh and the world laughs with you cry and you cry alone.’ Thank you for your comment and liking my poem ‘ Near The Line,. Best Wishes, The Foureyed Poet.

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