The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award & Nominees.-Post 1

ImageThe award about team member readership. 

I am thankful to : the- wonderful-team-member-readership-award-nominees  for nominating me.

To accept this award there are few rules I will need to follow.

1. The Nominee of this wonderful Team Member Readership Award shall display the logo on his/her blog.

2. The Nominee shall nominate 14 Readers, they appreciate over a period of 7 days, all at once  or little by little.

3. The Nominee shall name his/her Wonderful Team Member Readership Award Nominees as a post or can post during 7 days.

I am following many bloggers, all are covering life in their own way.Some write articles, few write poetry, others got images /pictures , funny episodes , name it and they have it in the right proportion. Balanced.composed and entertaining. 

In my short span of being a blogger, I had  the opportunity to receive  nominations and to select  those I admire..but one thing is important..those I nominated not always want to accept the award..and this award has generously given me 7 days..

So..I would like some team work here..since you all know that I can nominate only 14..

my nominations are as follows :

  1. Jonathan Caswell
  2. Neeraj
  3. dcardiff
  4. Tienny
  5. fosterthepodcast
  6. tina5458
  7. prayingforneday
  8. davidkanigan
  9. sethsnap
  10. ericmvogt
  11. tocksin
  12. the culture monk
  13. hastywords

I would try and notify all those I have nominated 🙂


Incase, anyone feels that they don’t like to accept the nomination, please inform 🙂 I will oblige within 7 days..after which..its over.

thanks for accepting in advance 🙂



33 replies on “The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award & Nominees.-Post 1”

All we get is rain…
our clothes are all made out of waterproof stuff..
Never heavy rain, just very light rain

The kind of rain where you don’t know if it is light rain or you are having a stroke, rain.


rains the gift from clouds..falling on my head or roof..but making me thing for sure..water is for everyone ,,rich or poor 🙂
I LOVE RAINS !!! yes

I know 🙂 people tell will drown us one day 🙂
but.clouds are not in my control ..otherwise..suppose I make it to heaven and God ask me..what do you want? I will reply..I want to float on the clouds when it rains..and feel good 🙂

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