Laughter Life Picture Poetry

SMile again


Grumble grumble
oh! all the complains
Nothing is working
Complicated and plain
Money is an issue 😉
All efforts to recover in vain
If not physical, then mental pain
Who is this bugger ?
Who drives me insane
with daily pressure
I can hardly smile again
Am I grumbling ?
Did I just complain ?
Sure its catching it effects brain
Beware ! It may hit you like a bullet train

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

21 replies on “SMile again”

I get lost in how the wordpress world comments interactions work that I don’t know when to take something out of context…and I’m a human, man of honor, respect, loyalty and integrity and with that said, I have no shame or a wall in my way of saying sorry for any wrong doing. Many blessings my friend, Red Crow

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