Birthdays come and go :)

Are you celebrating  or crying .

Its your birthday again


When a child  is born

cries all loud and never  plans to frown

Then turns ten

feels like a chuckling red hen

steps into teens

the phase in between

childhood and youth

confused like a destitute

Then  proudly, got twenty

laughter and beauty

ah! plenty

life  is a smooth ride

nothing to fear nor hide

slowly walks in thirty

mind is sharp and dirty

wit is high and  nerve  is zen

I am not writing with any pen

just a finger typing out years

unknown unseen..but must go up to seventy

Each year, I try to be my  best

when its all over, I will take a rest 🙂

blow up all candles

celebrate it again

its a birthday..simple and plain


4 thoughts on “Birthdays come and go :)

  1. Bravo….Nice Post….

    And by the way:

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    Can You please pass my link along to all your friends and co-workers I need help and I am running out of ideas in finding help……

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