Many answers for a single question

Life  has questions for each one of us

Daily we answer, and we keep changing our answers

For questions in life are almost same ?

What do you plan ? So plan gets changed , as we get various  ideas 🙂

What is your purpose ? We achieve and set new ones

What do you want to be ? With age , we turn out so different

What have you turned out to be ? I am still trying ..


22 thoughts on “Many answers for a single question

  1. Every day is a new beginning with still yet a challenging past…creeping its way in. I always feel beauty though. That’s a blessing…

      1. It is always fascinates you can remember a note to form a words are settled and theme emerge..I find songs are heaven on earth .

      2. Bless your heart, that’s exactly true…have you heard my music and hear me sing? If not, you can go to this website…

        There are some hard rock songs, country songs and one of my favorites “Should’ve Known Better.”

        Let me know how you like them.

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