Perfectly Imperfect

There are those who attained perfection, to show others what it means, to be perfect 😉

But..its all a show..not deep from  inside. When you find them near your will feel uneasy , they judge you more and see you less. They mark you down and never regret.

They have acquired perfect  bodies, high income and beautiful houses..they  live extraordinarily life  but..they never value your soul , your honest  living and  normal abode.. They get  upset and irritated at any mistake that you  make..and go on and on ..tell the whole town what a  fool you are..and a hypocrite they prove to be..when they claim that in life..they  never  made blunders as idiotic as you did 😉

They have worked  hard to become, people who are  materialistic and plastic..they have forgotten love, respect and trust..and make sure you unlearn all those virtues as well..and just be a BIG TIME ..hypocrite and praise them for not being  generous ..for that is to give away without  any return..they want to be praised for teaching others a harsh lesson for making example..

They are all heartless empty full of day ..they will burst and blow up this entire world..Just watch the clock struck 12 😉










Perfectly Imperfect..zombies dressed in gold..heart  is cold..brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


34 thoughts on “Perfectly Imperfect

  1. Those are the type of people who are in their own little world and need a dose of reality. They feel the need to put others down so they can feel better about themselves. So sad.

      1. Well, there is that post from a few months ago detailing how they formed a flash mob and danced to “Thriller”. Other than that, they are just slow and silent in their quest for brains…

      2. tell me one thing..if zombies are dead then why do people shoot them with bullets ? I mean, aren’t they dead already ..hmmm

      3. Oh ! malfunction.hmm.did any new technology was introduced to get hold of this Freddy and zombie..the two are really a class.

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