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Morning or evening whatever time you choose
I got the coffee ready for you
Sweet or bitter, smiling and true
creamy and sugary , this hot drink for you
taste it with closed eyes
sip it slowly and wake up anew
drink up and feel good..its specially for you

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Little flurry  kitty so cute

when you fly away with wings on you

as I touch your softness to feel

are you real ..?

are you real ..?

Yes are ..I can feel

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Life..take out “f” it is a keep “f” faith in life.

Life..take out “l & e”  it becomes a question If ? then answer life , by living it.

Life..when you change the order of letters ..its a file ..Give it a heading, fill up the pages with good deeds, make it presentable and use it for record..complete it..and at the end submit it.

Laugh when you live and love your life..a bit by bit.



Are you a tube light or a bulb ?


Our  brain gives signals. We  respond ..we show we are receiving the a nod or attention in our eyes. also  happens that we take a very long time to absorb the given information and then light up ..making the person in front a bit whether it went  over the head 😉

So ..what are you  ? In real life ..a slow mind that got a cool light or a bulb ..goes  on immediately and warms the space it lights. Does the topic effect your reception capacity ? or the presentation clarity is directly responsible for your response. Is it you ? or its the other one;) 



Jakob Wagner -Clouds DS Mag




Clouds are floating  mountains carrying gifts of showers.

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Can’t remember nor forget


Morning coffee with a rose will do

If I can forget that embarrassing moment or two

when someone waved at me from distance

I had  no clue

What to do ? I thought quickly..and yelled, ” How are you?”

The person smiled and said,” I am fine .thank you ”

Since then , I am having thoughts running in my  memories slot

But..I can’t remember who ?

I can’t forget ..too

I want to remember ..those I forget

I forget to remember  few..

what to do ? Tell me..

what to do 🙂



The little boy with bare body and a tiny cap..admired the bird in the cage..looking from far..a photographer captured was a prisoner of poverty and another caged for eternity.

The bird could see the sky so high, and felt the urge to say goodbye to the little master..if he  let her go..wanted to feel the wing spread as it could fly..and the wind carrying it high and high..The bird was  hoping that one day perhaps I can test the strength of my wings.But the little master ..couldn’t understand her woes.

The little master was also caged, his was the invisible  cage of poverty and limitations.He wanted to play and study as his age children did, but he was never free. He had to work from dawn to dusk, and get few  pieaces of bread .

Each day, he thought when will the morning dawn, when his time will come to rise and shine, will he be able to compete or the world that seems so wide and big..small hands held the cage door..and wanted to let go his prisoner free..hoping one will fly and feel good..that little master had compassion for thee.Imagee

Life Picture Poetry

yes I write


my butterfly friend what have you come to see ? Am I writing a letter for my sweet 🙂

Its ink or my emotions

Waves in deep oceans

I must have drowned indeed …

Butterfly do you have any advice for me ?

Should I write a poetry or prose for , my love  overseas ?

Or just cut and paste a blog post with ping back 😉

For everyone loves blogs 🙂

colorful new thoughts

so pleasant to read..

tell me my butterfly if you can read ?

All my  ideas are appropriate

or not for thee.

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Who is your best friend ?


I never think any friend can be best..for friends can only be close..sweet..intelligent..poetic..Big time drama..but no one can standout as can not love  or feel that a single friend is “Best ” ..I can’t ..i love all my friends and I am unable to measure anyone..for each got a personality so unique and exciting..I wouldn’t  label on standards..friends are like a garden..where roses , pansies..lilies and tulips name and they have colour posture and seasons..with fragrance..soft and alluring..friends are awesome…tumblr_mekm7s1E791r73ljao1_500


Alarm Clock :)

Alarm Clock 🙂.