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Little things :)

Little things  is a song sung by Michael Mulholland , it inspired  me to think., that  actually it is all about the little things that matter most. Remembering my birthday and buying  me a card, if not flowers then at least a vase.

I like  people to notice, my  new  hair style. It was  long and curly before, now its short and really curly 🙂  Whenever , a gift  is bought  for me, I want to know was it because, it was cheap or it was  bought because it suited me. Yep, I want to know the real reason, I ended up with a blue tooth brush.

I also, like to get a thank you note  and warm welcome from friends. I want to be sure, if they like what I did for them .  I want to be noticed by those I love ..not just as anybody..but as somebody who appreciates all little things .

Thank you Michael , I now notice more about   little things..and I try to read and watch out 😉


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Perfectly Imperfect

There are those who attained perfection, to show others what it means, to be perfect 😉

But..its all a show..not deep from  inside. When you find them near your will feel uneasy , they judge you more and see you less. They mark you down and never regret.

They have acquired perfect  bodies, high income and beautiful houses..they  live extraordinarily life  but..they never value your soul , your honest  living and  normal abode.. They get  upset and irritated at any mistake that you  make..and go on and on ..tell the whole town what a  fool you are..and a hypocrite they prove to be..when they claim that in life..they  never  made blunders as idiotic as you did 😉

They have worked  hard to become, people who are  materialistic and plastic..they have forgotten love, respect and trust..and make sure you unlearn all those virtues as well..and just be a BIG TIME ..hypocrite and praise them for not being  generous ..for that is to give away without  any return..they want to be praised for teaching others a harsh lesson for making example..

They are all heartless empty full of day ..they will burst and blow up this entire world..Just watch the clock struck 12 😉










Perfectly Imperfect..zombies dressed in gold..heart  is cold..brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror by michelle w. on July 5, 2013 :

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror by michelle w. on July 5, 2013 :.

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Birthdays come and go :)

Are you celebrating  or crying .

Its your birthday again


When a child  is born

cries all loud and never  plans to frown

Then turns ten

feels like a chuckling red hen

steps into teens

the phase in between

childhood and youth

confused like a destitute

Then  proudly, got twenty

laughter and beauty

ah! plenty

life  is a smooth ride

nothing to fear nor hide

slowly walks in thirty

mind is sharp and dirty

wit is high and  nerve  is zen

I am not writing with any pen

just a finger typing out years

unknown unseen..but must go up to seventy

Each year, I try to be my  best

when its all over, I will take a rest 🙂

blow up all candles

celebrate it again

its a birthday..simple and plain


Many answers for a single question

Life  has questions for each one of us

Daily we answer, and we keep changing our answers

For questions in life are almost same ?

What do you plan ? So plan gets changed , as we get various  ideas 🙂

What is your purpose ? We achieve and set new ones

What do you want to be ? With age , we turn out so different

What have you turned out to be ? I am still trying ..



Does it matter to me ?


All that I can be

is not more than me

is that enough ?

Or should I get tough

Improve my self

review potentials

will I depend or lead ?

what do I want ?

Why do I fear ?

From responsibilities

Hard work and help

I am finding now

What matters to me 

What I can be for everybody

not just for me

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Is it all..

Do I want to sit on edge of a wall

and feel my feet free

and got flowers

and am waiting

for a lift

till then

is it all

that I want 🙂

so sit without a face

or grace

just bare and nameless

but blessed with a seat and flowers

both temporary


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00gz06LwrDOA wonderful time to think What half the year did bring what more you want from it Will you work  a bit Just as  morning gets you on a cup of coffee and then you are gone So does a year pass by..But today was first of July..Pause and think to review..2013 is passing through..morning  months are gone afternoon is carrying on..if you didn’t do what you had to before..don’t waste your time anymore.. Turn around and make a go..go..before the year ends don’t worry about me..I would be still your friend 🙂