I am not hibiscus nor song for you


I am a woman not dead nor rude
my skin is colored.. but am pale dude
all emotions , pain and beauty I contain
seems vanished from heart, for humanity

has gone insane..

my attire ..my attitude

is captured and presented to world

not false..yet not true

Silent lips..closed eyes..has reasons to live..and  to die .

I am not soulless,  I am not cold.. I am not dead..I am not sold.

I am a story..remains untold..many have read..still I hold mystery in myself

as only a woman can tell..

picture by Mc Kay Jaffe ada-Ds Mag.

Yes Man ;) on , “NO man’s land

Life was so peaceful and orderly. But, then nothing last forever..and the question was pressing..The elites of the Rumor World ..were evaluating the rumours and found that each could be used for their own benefit.

What was needed was lots of mirrors..Why ! For reflections  of course..getting a yes man for all occasions was not available..or rather the faceless and voiceless were becoming arrogant ..individualist..always asking why and why not.

Elite-1 , the super duper, had much thoughts about how to capture the rest of the Rumor World..He proposed..that instead of humans..the world was in immediate need of robots and animals. Humans..were just too fussy..they wanted to know..understand and question.. Oh! the questions they asked were  really idiotic..but not being able to answer was equally disturbing.. for example..they asked the elites..why are they labelled as elites and others as commoners..why were they not equal in casting votes..why elites were authorised by themselves to decided about the commoner..imagine such devious questions to elites was unimaginable and inappropriate.

Elite-2 and Elite-3 were in total agreement..they felt the urgent need to crush those commoners for such felonies..Oh! the audacity to challenge the concept of democracy ..of course the elites were 100% democratic. They had five members in this high profile elite cabinet, and always voted as was right..what they thought was right..rather what Elite-1 presented as right was  obviously right..otherwise..they would lose their rights to be member of such a prestigious cabinet.

The commoners had no brains..if they had they would be as rich as the elites..so miserable and just sheer lucky..to have landed over geographically on locations that had rich reserves..No..no a definite mismatch..this was outrageous.. All the elites agreed..I mean the majority..

So..in this cabinet meeting they decided to eliminate the Human race..who were living as commoners.. There was ample of reason. First was food. The production of food was enough but since the commoners were so many. it was always in demand to produce more.. To balance the amount of hours and labor required to produce affordable food.the easiest way is to kill all those, who make a chain for consumption.. its after all a friendly fire, where drones are used aiming at masses..good thing is..if drone gets hit..the loss is only  in terms of money..no one from elite side is effected, on the other hand the commoners are easily eradicated and no one remains to complain, about food.

This super duper  insight to the food demand,had such an easy solution.

Now come to the fact, that human rights issues are escalating.. Commoners are not treating their counterpart as equal. So elite -1 and Elite -2 thought, if they replaced all human with robots..that would be kill two birds with one stone. Since, there will be no humans..the question of human rights problem will be solved forever.

Elite-3 had a futuristic vision. he thought that animal kingdom is facing extinction, so we should preserve them and since food production would be reduced by the cleansing process detailed by elite -1, they can now be more focussed on the balance of green area and natural habitat..after all the elites must have everything in proper proportion.

Life would be so peaceful, green and clean..once all commoners are people from the past and elites would be able to work fast..on”No man’s land ” with just a, Yes man 🙂


Are you sleeping ?

Sleeping is important too..its lack leads to hypertension, obesity , disbetics and memory loss…that is dangerous..Our memory s based on acquisition, then consolidation and finally recall.

Acquisition :Learning or experiencing something new.

Consolidation : Making this learning become stable..

Recall : when needed, this information would be available.

Acquisition and recall is obviously, during the time you are awake..but it is your sound sleep that checks and conforms your information and stores it in your brain as a memory.

So , while you are sleeping and mind is storing..and suddenly you wake up or keep on getting up..it is like..your storage is unlisted and loss. Hence, all that you learned  gets distorted. Remember, before exams you must sleep :)) that is for making your learning effective, while you sit for your examination.

getty_rf_photo_of_man_waking_up getty_rf_photo_of_toes_in_tub getty_rf_photo_of_woman_sleeping



















What if your sleep is disturbed and that is making you forgetful .

Then it seems, you have to do some work for getting a sound sleep 😉

  1. Exercise regularly
  2. Eat balanced meals
  3. Relax..or be calm before you decide to sleep
  4. Take a warm bath, read a poetry, whatever..to get some peace..
  5. Turn off lights, make your bed delicious and partner happy 🙂
  6. DO NOT keep computer/laptop/mobile phone and television, in your bed room if you already are having difficulty in sleepi.


Walled up in maze -Miserable Miser

Such high and thick walls..all around like a fortress and there on tops and shielded sides are the secret pointers that can kill anyone twice.

Why do you think its needed ? To make others fear..the wrath ..of a mind that has learned to master the act of being a miser. Why is a miser so mean and angry? Words used are lethal and bitter..that pierce heart and leave the poison to finish hope.

All misers are crafty, they first get miser with money..they love  a good bank balance and makes relationship get imbalanced..slowly..they get miser with love, respect and tolerance. Never can you see a miser , who will smile without a reason.

Many people think that saving is good..it is..but to what extent ? To the limit that you don’t cut out needs of others to keep on increasing your investments returns..You make excuses for attending a ceremony because your time is not to be wasted by being at a place that neither gives you monetary benefit nor gets you acclamation for being so “great” .

Ah! greed for power..leads to becoming a miser which ultimately  gets a miser turn into a tyrant..all you care is about ” Material World” and others..you don’t have time to bother.

 You have made a wall so thick with, greed and cemented with misery, slippery with craftiness and lies are the stones we see..no heart can reach..no mind can think..no soul can live..inside this hell of walled up..empty cell.

You are lost in a maze that is self destructive..you have killed yourself..and buried your consciousness in cold..


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