The broken camera


Years captured through the fine lenses

making people smile..without any senses

Just…you walked in and commanded to do

people lined up and smiled at you

You called out cheese..and everyone did their best for you

the girls would giggle and children would cry too

I found it interesting, till pictures all dried

we gathered around fire and whispered our desires

Careful and slow, we seldom let our elders know

What we decided .. who will be our friend and other’s our foes.

waited  patiently..then dark room brought smiles to my lips

I miss your pushes and your kiss

camera is a picture now..what more can I write

broken images..Oh! what a sight

No matter how empty is  my life

Bored with sleeping each day ..

and waking up to witness no action

no camera clicks

just the clock goes..tick..tick..tick


35 thoughts on “The broken camera

      1. My plans for today..I am hoping that I can read and collect some material for EPS panel design related images for compiling a brochure dummy/draft. last time I down loaded, the images were hazy.. Today is the second half of 48 hour strike, so maybe I will stay at home..its really bothering my work is getting up like a mountain. I am anxious about the outside color scheme I had chosen for six buildings in a group, hopefully by Saturday I can see..I am really praying that the owners like it, its dove grey corners and white in middle with darker grey grooves in middle horizontally.[?]

      2. Are you an architect? Could you tell me a bit more about EPS? Just had a quick google search but did not get a very clear idea about it 🙂
        What do you think about Frank Gehry btw? 😉
        Did not know about the strike, what are its reasons?
        Hope your plans will work 😉

      3. EPS Panels are building components. It is basically a sandwich, got steel sheets on both side with foam/packing material in between. The width of panel is one meter and thickness 0.05 m , it has being in use since 40 years for knock down houses, is insulating characteristic, it is light weight and easy to assemble . But, in Dhaka, Bangladesh it is a relatively new material for construction of houses, factories etc. It seems to be a replacement for the already in use,corrugated sheets. Factories encasing surface can be panels of EPS. If you want to search write..EPS panels for building. I am an architect . Strike by Islamist group for the release of their members who were tired by the tribunal regarding the 1971 war crimes. And for lifting of ban , for the group..actually there are 13 points 🙂 I hope my plans so work out.. Frank with forms as the basic , his buildings are more pronounced in that regard..he is an established “brand” in architecture. [?]

      4. where do I come from ..where would I go what can I I really sure do you read me..understand my woes am I your friend too or you think I am a foe I write all I know in simple words to show what I think of..what I want to do Do I envy you for all that you can do where do you come from? where do you want to go ? is it time for me write adieu..goodbye once more 🙂 I am from Pakistan :)[?]

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