Wedding Anniversary :)


To hold hands for a walk through life’s journey. Sometimes , you pull and others you get  pushed but that hand keeps a hold on you. It is through ,many ups and down that you regain your smile, after each frown. Wedding anniversary  is a special day, for   a husband who got a partner that may never seem to do anything right nor everything wrong, but when he is weak..he gets strong by that smile on her lips that reaches her eyes and that confidence in her stay by his side. he can not feel anything but her, she has become his heart beat of life..she is his wife 🙂

Wedding anniversary is special for two..years has passed but seems like yesterday that you were wedded..that means you have enjoyed your married life..time has passed but you still feel young and spirited. Even if you feel times you want to cry..or know who to him up and say in your sweet voice..I want to talk and disturb you..and he comes ..he  is prepared to listen to your endless bla bla all that you wanted to do ..or feel but didn’t or did the end ..he is happy that you felt it was worth  sharing your life with him.

Life is being in love..with a person who loves you for no regrets pain..never sorry ..never depressed..because  you are his heart  beat ..forget the rest..of course I remind him..what i like, card, gifts and dinner ..sponsored by him ..for everyone we knew..from wedding day till was wonderful and I hope..will be ..

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