How often have you heard this..attention please 🙂  Very often..from your teachers, friends, parents, children, neighbors,players, boss name it and they have either said it sweetly or yelled ..LOUDLY ..any guesses why ?

You can not give the due attention and sort  of is hyperactive with distractions..Seems simple ..BUT..what if..this unfocused manner has become part of you..ouch! that hurts..You know why..because this is you who is calling for attention.. Your mind is losing want to focus but media has a message for you..and you want to reply..or an email..perhaps a phone call..everything or rather everyone is pulling you..and its bothering is reloading in your mind .. as a creeping nudge.. Sometimes ..its more serious than that..medication makes you  lose pain and lose brains its giving you a black out..sort of you are present physically but not mentally..this disturbance can cause you job or get you into an accident while driving or doing some work. is a PROBLEM are having trouble to focus..there is a need to consciously focus..making an effort to listen..doing a work and directing your thoughts to that one topic/words..Here comes  mediation..Sitting and thinking about a single thing..and bringing your energy towards that point..hard eh 😉

At times, you feel drowsy others you can not sleep..both makes you lousy..even if you want to be perfectly smart at work or is making you weak..and someone would start to nag nag nag..that nagging is now taking your mind away from your present task.. losing focus ..again..ooops..

Seems it is an endless cycle..What can you do ?

Think.. think again..hmmmm ..I know..why don’t you erase your yesterday and just give yourself one task at a time..yep forget that multi-task concept..getting a single task in good time is not bad..maybe people will think you are slow..or bored type are sure of what you are doing..that makes work complete and successfully too..not bad.. no more frowning by others about any mistakes due to inattentiveness..

Now..get serious.. check your priority ? Ask yourself

who is important ? What is important? Why its important? When its important? Where its important?

in relations achievements etc. as the variables.. each person has a circle and time frame for being important. Your family is important but not at your office…so balance it  out. Your virtual life is enriching but real life is make it happen in real..Never mix wants with needs..that is dangerous water..if you can not swim in high tide, you will drown in shallow waters too.. Beware..I told you :)) attentive..make it a habit..and hopefully you will be appreciated .There is a time for everything and place for everyone..realize it quickly 😉

4 thoughts on “Attention!!

  1. But sometimes you don’t want to pay attention, as if knowing it will take up space in your head and dislodge something that’s important. If it’s a friend, I’ve occasionally told them frankly, “Look, I don’t care,” or “I don’t want to know that.” It would be rude to someone I wasn’t friends, but my friends know how I am, and that I am not being an ass.

    1. When you don’t want its your call..its when you do want..and can not be attentive..that’s a problem. And friends are great people they already accepted you as you are…

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