Good bye for now :)

Today when you think its time to go

Make sure you write it once more

a proper ” good bye” is like closing the door

I want to be sure, you have left I can also go 

Please don’t return once we say “bye” 

come tomorrow..don’t ask me why 🙂

you always spoil what I tell you to do

naughty and tricky..I sure do know you

Virtual life has set manners too

Be nice..take care ..see you

Good bye 🙂


Hello :)


Small hi..makes instant effect..on lips it brings a smile

in mind we feel relaxed..heart gets a lift..and you return a hello 🙂

how are you? how is life ? its all about the other person..feels good to know and let each day..take out time from your busy schedule and text, call or meet those who are important on a daily basis..that doesn’t mean to barge into another’s life..just a short hi …

I do that..often..and feels good 🙂 try it 😉

Pleasing everyone :)

The main issue about pleasing is raised ..making people aware that you as an individual is incapable of pleasing everyone. True 100% in reality. Having said that, let us not altogether start irritating everyone 😉

I think, we all belong to a certain community , enjoy a social set up relate to a way of life and for getting rooted , you have to follow certain customs and rules. Being born into a family is not by choice, but you can opt a way out. Get into another group.or belief..each is going to have rules. Question is..why do we need make life simple..rules requires people to behave, and that helps others to be in peace. So, rules are made to ensure a peaceful living. Some rules are biased, for example the tenant can not use the lift if the generator has to run, but the apartment owners can do that..those are rules that divides a society and is actually bringing chaos into a social setup. We should not accept it, but you can not fight it..for they have made it and you were asked to sign an undertaking that you will follow all the rules levied  on you , if you desire to reside in their apartment block. You can change your residence or save up and buy your own independent house..and say goodbye to apartment living.or, form a group raise your voice against this discrimination , get your article published and join hands with other tenants suffering due to rules that make you pay but not let you use as a resident..form a group and get it approved by the government..

Simply, it means you can choose whom to please..and leave those who can not please you. Imagine, all like minded people would leave old group/school of thoughts and form new groups/social circle.

Human beings need a social setup, for sharing sorrows and happiness, maybe it takes some effort, but it also gives you a boost. Your focus , should be to do the right thing as per your own acquired knowledge and experience,basic behavior must be good. That includes, to be polite, humble , sincere and loving with a sound sense of right from wrong, in respect of the group you belong to whether it is religious, friends circle, cause groups etc.

Pleasing is not can sing a song and please many..what is bad please at the cost of sacrificing a lie to please..that is actually destroying the entire system…So please do not refrain from pleasing others..just remember whom you please and how you do that without breaking or bending rules ( good ones) .

Live honestly, speak sweetly ,work healthy and love passionately.

Wedding Anniversary :)


To hold hands for a walk through life’s journey. Sometimes , you pull and others you get  pushed but that hand keeps a hold on you. It is through ,many ups and down that you regain your smile, after each frown. Wedding anniversary  is a special day, for   a husband who got a partner that may never seem to do anything right nor everything wrong, but when he is weak..he gets strong by that smile on her lips that reaches her eyes and that confidence in her stay by his side. he can not feel anything but her, she has become his heart beat of life..she is his wife 🙂

Wedding anniversary is special for two..years has passed but seems like yesterday that you were wedded..that means you have enjoyed your married life..time has passed but you still feel young and spirited. Even if you feel times you want to cry..or know who to him up and say in your sweet voice..I want to talk and disturb you..and he comes ..he  is prepared to listen to your endless bla bla all that you wanted to do ..or feel but didn’t or did the end ..he is happy that you felt it was worth  sharing your life with him.

Life is being in love..with a person who loves you for no regrets pain..never sorry ..never depressed..because  you are his heart  beat ..forget the rest..of course I remind him..what i like, card, gifts and dinner ..sponsored by him ..for everyone we knew..from wedding day till was wonderful and I hope..will be ..

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The broken camera


Years captured through the fine lenses

making people smile..without any senses

Just…you walked in and commanded to do

people lined up and smiled at you

You called out cheese..and everyone did their best for you

the girls would giggle and children would cry too

I found it interesting, till pictures all dried

we gathered around fire and whispered our desires

Careful and slow, we seldom let our elders know

What we decided .. who will be our friend and other’s our foes.

waited  patiently..then dark room brought smiles to my lips

I miss your pushes and your kiss

camera is a picture now..what more can I write

broken images..Oh! what a sight

No matter how empty is  my life

Bored with sleeping each day ..

and waking up to witness no action

no camera clicks

just the clock goes..tick..tick..tick


blog exercise- freedom just like Kingdom..Rule of being free..from slavery of self..or another..the right to be within your “space” thought must wage a conquer another’s world ..freedom is when you are the King and things can be said and done by you are per your will for the betterment of a society..

When we break has a sense of accomplishment . The first  slavery is of self..very important to unlock the jammed ego. Set it free..and when you let it go..make sure ego forgets to return ever. What helps in liberation of spirits..knowledge and empathy..unless you can not realize the situation. Why do we need to feel so to bring into a sync of mind..heart and body..the three soldiers that  make a small army within each one of us. 

People are  important . Concepts and Ideas are essential. Discoveries are in demand..and all this aims for a peaceful and better world order. Each geographical entity, with set boundaries have a smudge edge with cultural ties and bonding. Although, each nation has its loyalties but some linkages remain with heritage .

So, few boundaries and edges are defined only with political description and cultural canvass shows larger  pictures, this hold true for countries that shared a common history. The people  then have in-built understanding and know how of customs. The freedom to choose for any one nation then must be equal, here no one can remain an enemy, even if war was fought between them in history. We..break free from ” enmity, hostility jealousy”

The three evils that feed ego to become a giant that dwarf’s our own perception.

Freedom for religion is not freedom from religion.Religious beliefs have been added and changed, but each follower has a right to be and practice ..those who don’t want to have a religion are free to live..without it..for this world has equal opportunity for each individual. No one should criticize another’s belief nor challenge . There should be freedom to opt for or out of any religion anytime in one’s life span. After death..that’s  beyond the scope of blogging 🙂

Freedom to profession. What we want to become and even earn a living through that very capability. Since, we got our own mindset, exposure and aptitude..there must be no pressure from anyone to force a subject that we can not be inspired to work with, and remain attached to for larger part of our lives.

Freedom to express..ah! the very limit that makes freedom of speech a sensitive issue. We can not violate anyone’s  idea just to be free, my circle of freedom ends where your right begins..I can not subject another  person to ridicule because I got a mouth or pen. That is cruelty. Why would any one be allowed to hurt another..and challenge their freedom ? freedom of press should not suppress other’s way of life, through propaganda and unethical writing that leads to chaos .

Freedom to live..must not  endanger another’s life. So, it seems our freedom can be possible and fulfilled, when everyone is free and no one is bounded by slavery or suppression by any kind..anywhere.



Image WordPress..has made many a leaders..well after fifteen months of blogging I get an award..500 followers..

 I am really grateful..those who comment..I am overwhelmed by your interest..those who like but never read..I am thankful..those who have agreed to follow but got better things to do..I acknowledge you..

thank you 🙂 WordPress for making it happenImage

Hold on










Hold on to a loving heart

It  has many gifts of love

although it seems a handful of dust

But it remains true..and never rust with time

Hold on to hope in life

It has many ways to pull you through

Although it gets roughened and torn

but it is worth the strife

Hold on to the peace on earth

with  loving heart and hopeful life

Hold hope to live

Hold on …to love to give

Hold on..a little more

I am with you..that’s for sure 🙂