Do you have a favourite :)

I never had or have any favorite. None.When I was at school, and like girls have scrap books to fill, I too had the opportunity to favorite color, author, book, song, artist, politician, etc.etc..but then I also had a problem ..I didn’t have any favorite but I couldn’t tell this to anyone..So..I thought ,,why not, just list it up and keep it to myself…and then refer back..I even listed , why it is my it gets to  that level..bla bla..

Now..when anyone ask me..which color is your favorite 🙂 I get blown away.. Is it green? No..Yellow ..nope..Red..a negation..none..I think..I can not have a favorite because..each color is really has tones, hues, shades and many things in a composition has color , as one of the many items that goes into making any product.

I faced, similar issue with friends. Some asked,” Who is your best friend ?”

How can anyone be ,”best” few can be close..but friends are all special..they are the souls I have chosen and they too have accepted me..with all my positive and negative sides…

Talking about sides..can a circle has any sides like a rectangle, square or triangle…answer is yes..the inside and the outside 🙂

This earth has one sun..but other planets got more than one..if you ask those inhabitants..which sun is your favorite 😉

Yet, it is true . People have a favorite , item , person ..Parents have favorite son or daughter..but then..doesn’t it make others feel they are less..or that parents are judgmental or/and biased.

So..not having a favorite means..I am open to the new / different ideas and people. It is not who said…but what has been said. I have my right to choose..and that may well be more than a few..How many ? Maybe all

Chris asked me find what makes me happy

Does  a box of chocolate  makes me happy or gets me worried for gaining weight 🙂

Does  a love song , that opens my heart..making me cry..bring  smile to stay

Do friends messages, replies and acknowledgement I wit for days

Can I be happy on my own ?

I asked myself..what can make me happy ?

My inner voice, laughed and said .” I am Happy , as I can be..nothing to worry no agony..I got my wishes come true in life, those I want to reach out..all in good time..there is no hurry..the present life,is best as I can feel. My health is good, my faith intact, my income steady, I am free ..if I can not be happy now..don’t know when could I be 😉 I must be thankful for living in peace..wars surround others near and far..I just want to die in peace.”

To choose
To choose

FRIDAY the 13th


The stories you heard or rather watched in movies..did it send cold shiver down your spine.

Did anyone think..why Friday the 13th was selected for bringing in the uprising of buried evils from the other side…Not really yet the date and day is popular for remembering a thriller movie.

No one wants to live on the 13th floor of any building nor get an apartment that has a number 13 roads no lanes ..what is wrong with people 🙂

Nothing..after all it is but natural to be a bit superstitious .

Thirteenth….comes in each month but when it appears on a Friday ..there is a devilish is going to happen..just a chance to scare someone or anyone..who is easily convinced about demons and vices..including genie.

From the graveyards/cemeteries who can return to haunt..and if it was so easy..where are all the loved ones. They could revisit us..and as I came to my mind..suppose we as humans  develop a code system or hearing aid..that can make all that inaudible into audible level…and the dead they speak to us..all murder mystery would get solved..we would know what happens after death..and whether our belief is right or not..but those who got burned can they return..maybe..if its about souls only..why our dreams we see our  friends who died..they always are silent..few times they speak..why they are mostly silent. I want to know..but in my dream it is not possible to remember all my queries from a world I live in..yet when they come I feel good.

I have no fear about Fridays..nor have any superstitious thoughts about a is second odd number and starting of number series with a resonating end.

Evil or Devil ..maybe with us everyday and all the time..they don’t use calendar . or do they ? So..why did Jason chose this very date  to kill  …point to ponder…was it fluke or just that 13 was unlucky after all as it got picked up for naming a horror movie.

The Daily Prompt- Sept. 9th : The Prompt ” Write about building something”

Write about building something..forever  or for long..or for moment..What can you build ..a structure..a monument..what is a ,monument..I think, it is physical entity reflecting a theme..a voice or build it  and not live it. Build it, because you want people to know what your idea is, long after you are dead and gone..although it is your idea but others can live by it..for long. Or, perhaps you are afraid of not leaving behind a legacy and this built structure , of material and form, would be there as a prominent identity..sometimes to serve as a node..others to generate money  or just to reason ..except a landmark for making a right turn, before or after..So, building something has an effect.

Built form influence people’s psychology and , why is it built in the first place..its because of the financier  psychology or reason. Structures lives longer or shorter depending why it was built..mostly monuments are this ever changing materialistic world..

What else do we build ? Nations..people ..values.. Seems very much from the book..”When I don’t care” attitude is so prevalent , values seems like a phantom from past. Each one makes their own criteria, not bad..just  much so..nothing is general..We, get confused..whether what we do is correct or not..some of us  look up in our religious teachings, some refer to their customs, few get into trends..more confused group ..get into ” answers and questions” ..where a leader or just  members with similar or lesser background , give their opinions..we build up on reasons  through votes by those who are in that forum..and we get a new version of acceptance…

We, also build relationships..takes time, effort and skill. It is a 24/7 job..there is no must be continuously aware and beware of any wrong move..that includes forgetting birthdays..ooops.

In builds, relationships are built, structures are also built and nations are built.