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Do you have a favourite :)

I never had or have any favorite. None.When I was at school, and like girls have scrap books to fill, I too had the opportunity to favorite color, author, book, song, artist, politician, etc.etc..but then I also had a problem ..I didn’t have any favorite but I couldn’t tell this to anyone..So..I thought ,,why not, just list it up and keep it to myself…and then refer back..I even listed , why it is my it gets toΒ  that level..bla bla..

Now..when anyone ask me..which color is your favorite πŸ™‚ I get blown away.. Is it green? No..Yellow ..nope..Red..a negation..none..I think..I can not have a favorite because..each color is really has tones, hues, shades and many things in a composition has color , as one of the many items that goes into making any product.

I faced, similar issue with friends. Some asked,” Who is your best friend ?”

How can anyone be ,”best” few can be close..but friends are all special..they are the souls I have chosen and they too have accepted me..with all my positive and negative sides…

Talking about sides..can a circle has any sides like a rectangle, square or triangle…answer is yes..the inside and the outside πŸ™‚

This earth has one sun..but other planets got more than one..if you ask those inhabitants..which sun is your favorite πŸ˜‰

Yet, it is true . People have a favorite , item , person ..Parents have favorite son or daughter..but then..doesn’t it make others feel they are less..or that parents are judgmental or/and biased.

So..not having a favorite means..I am open to the new / different ideas and people. It is not who said…but what has been said. I have my right to choose..and that may well be more than a few..How many ? Maybe all

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

28 replies on “Do you have a favourite :)”

I was once on a date and the guy asked me what my favorite color was. First: that’s not a very creative question to ask on a date. Second: Who knows? I don’t have a favorite color, band, movie… I like lots of things for different reasons. No favorites here πŸ™‚

Hey kalabalu, how are you?
Do you know a famous computer scientist answer? “it depends” πŸ™‚ I think with favorites it is very the same for me. For the one activity one friend might be my favorite because he or she loves to do it and for another activity another friend. I have no favorite music, either πŸ˜‰
So I understand you quite well, thanks for sharing!
Have a great day,
PS my favorite question to ask you right now would be “would you be so kind to check out my social striptease?” πŸ™‚

I love this post. I have not been around in so long! I always felt guilty after saying any favourite because there were so many other books, authors, songs…oh my!! it’s like asking to pick a group of friends when we were kids; as for politics here in Quebec, I also vote for the one who can win against that one I like the least…sad, huh? Namaste

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