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Autumn got design for you :) better homes garden

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Spring was here
earlier this year
Now it’s autumn
setting in
leaves are dried up
fruits have turned brown don’t need to frown
there is beauty all around
Better Homes Garden has ideas
to furnish all your interior
with red, yellow and browns
doesn’t glitter like a king’s crown
yet a hay stack over a door
makes you know
spring has left
autumn too would go 🙂


Last call …


It was the beginning of fall

No one she left for mall

She wished silently..for her lover to call

passing that night..near the dead end wall

she felt a shiver..making her weak

it was her time to depart indeed

Autumn leaves..flew everywhere

Darkness of death loomed and scared

her friends, her  love of life didn’t dare

to see her dead body near the stair

they were shocked to see her  lost stare

what was she watching..who could it be

Night was chilling..with shadows of tree

Death is frightening and not so pretty

picture source: DS Magazine, artist Mc Kay Jaffe Ada