Halloween :)

101918579.jpg.rendition.largest Look at the pumpkin sits so comfortably ..somehow it got the effective properties to transform  into the eyes that sparkle from hollowness..from dark the flames emerge and makes those unaware scream with fright..Halloween Night..who will play tricks on whom..and who would give away sweetness in form of candies..two ways to enjoy..sharing sweetness with laughter  or..by giving frights to those who are with weak hearts ..which feeling you want to induce…do you enjoy when others smile and laugh..or you smile silently /out loud at those who gape with fright..people would remember ..both…which memory would you want them to have..


19 thoughts on “Halloween :)

      1. do you agree that I just tell you seven things about me? I think I am already displaying the award’s logo on my award page 🙂

        1. I am just discovering Jazz and Swing music and begin to love it though it is kind of difficult to sing for me.

        2. Today I am feeling really tired.

        3. I just started to get to the train station by bicycle.

        4. Before, I have not rode the bicycle for about 4 years.

        5. I want to start a dancing course next year, still waiting for the answer of the dancing school.

        6. Last weekend, I was really afraid of getting beaten in the disco but could leave in time.

        7. I will go partying this weekend again though (but this time won’t stay alone after all my friends left :)).

        hope you are happy now my friend? 🙂

      2. Yes am happy that you got to ride your bicycle again..dancing is fun and running is helpful it seems..always stay safe and happy..when tired get some sleep ..when not never weep 🙂 thanks ..I am happy to know seven things about you 🙂

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