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Technology Vs Humanity

The advancement in technologies have led to many improvements in our daily life. Information, systems in operation , transportation, medical and legal facilities and energy.
Now, people have facilities that makes life easier , logically these facilities must also have a positive effect on our “nature” ” attitude” “character” , as a nation and as a global community.
There should be less lies , as information is accurate and vast, available to masses. The upgraded computers must make all data and programs work effectively, there by saving investments and leading to high returns. there shouldn’t be any economic depressions. Transportation network has connected the world as a web, then visa for travel must be easier to get. Medical advancements has led to healthier body, so we should have a healthy mind. Our perspective of others should be based on justice and equality. The legal frame work is defined from a family to neighborhood, each person’s right and responsibility has been embedded, so crime rate should see a decline. Alternate energy sources are getting introduced, so oil related war fare should end.
Has technology given any person , a better life ? Not only in physical condition but also in social life?
Does an air conditioned space has comfort level ? Or does politics makes it difficult to work ? Are families actually connected , or just individuals living under a single roof, connected to face book more than your own parents ? Do you visit your relatives and ask them often how are they pulling along? Do you make friends without thinking what benefit can they give you i return ? Are you living a life or making a business with every action ?
Are you advancing in humanity? Did you use any technology to make someone feel warm and respected ?
Ask now 🙂 ask a question as you wake up and return to bed about your contribution in sharing , your investments in a relationship, your understanding of an issue.How much time you saved , and how well did you perform ? Did you use that time to strengthen your level as a human being. Are you closer to good or evil ? Can you try again to understand values ? It is important to be advanced in technology and to benefit at optimum level by using it to make this world peaceful and successful in a balanced way , composed and attractive.
The sky remains above, although mountains are high and the earth may endure pain be bought and sold, yet it takes you inside once you cease to live over it.

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Thrills that kills

People get bored and they want some excitement. Normally, those who are good wage earners and have weekends to enjoy and relax, want to make routine life get a shake-up.

Western or developed world has advanced in many ways, they have accomplished the stages in development that, better life sparks are about ” being different”. They do make daring trips to our part of the world.
Here, survival is for the fittest . You must use all part of your brains , a bullet may come or a brick may break your head..perhaps a fire trapped inside a cracker may get your finger burned..everything can when you step into our part of the world ..where getting home in one piece is a forget the other sophisticated themes..that life should actually revolve around.

Why ? is a question that many ask for this kind of jungle rule. Some blame it to culture, others to politics, few bring in religion and so finger pointing succeeds and development of system retards.

Technological advancement, is not real progress. Technology, gives us efficiency but a transplant from the cultured society of any gadget, doesn’t change our thinking or approach. We, as a nation did not develop to attain a system..we simply adopted it and it remains alien or mystery..we want to use it but never think it’s important to understand, its functionality. Trial and errors are normal, learning is not really important for no one earns while they learn.

This is year 2013 , and we at Dhaka have now started to use flyovers. Drivers decide to enter it almost in the last they give an indication stop everyone , yes, all three lanes and enter the free way..but what if this was a wrong decision..they apply brakes and now are rolling back..yes.traffic is coming towards them..but can not hit any car at the back!! it will be your fault..some sneak and take the entrance as exit 😉 they believe where there is a will there is way :)) hey ! hey! yell at top of voice..blare horns and flick lights..why are people trying to use their they must never use their right of is a free country and free way it not?

No wonder..traffic tells how a nation is..if its trying to follow or ditch you..force you to smash onto the car..make you get into an accident and smile start to is journey..we are sure chasing it with skills..if you can endure the thrills you will escape to get killed.



May your fate be grand, may you succeed in life. Ameen


Mother’s prayer for me :)

May Almighty bless you with a happiness that last forever, and may all that you wish for comes true. Ameen


Mother’s pray for me :)

May God keep you save and happy the whole day and when night falls too. 

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Who are you ?

When you arrive in world so real from a dark womb..where there is no light..yet there is hope, care and faith..unseen yet arrive in a world..unknown to you. When anyone ask.” Where you are from? before you came to this world alone or with a can not tell..No one knows ..yet we think we the souls are sent to this world for a reason to live. As, we grow and feel the love, trust and faith , we tend to forget the day we depart..we do day old to hundred or more..we live without knowing when will we still gives us hope , strengthen our faith and trust it grows..when we die..we always die..the birds, the worms, planets and trees..they all come alive and will cease..but then no one knows where we go..some think heaven others fear hell..but none has returned to tell us the tomb was different from womb..did it have faith, trust and love ..or just agony , fear and depression in dust..unknown unseen so far , yet near..we get trapped from one to another ..and we day we will meet..or never to see.. this world pain no fear..if anyone ask me..there ..who are you ? where did you come from ? what will I say? I lost my body I got only my soul..I have no control..

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To lie or not to lie ;)

White lies or just a lie..not true a disguise..yet we share for a prize..Why do we lie ? To show off 😉 deceive be lazy ..sort of a way to be “bad” with a good name plate..truth was held high and honesty was a policy..but few thought..why lie and why not just tell everyone how bad we are..that uncomfortable blanket of lie was thrown away..and the point of getting embarrassed for a mistake was ignored..people “didn’t care” what others thought..which was fine..but they started to become their own judge..I will evaluate myself ..sounds okay ..only one problem..we live by a system that everyone has mutually agreed to follow ..for a commonality and understanding..what is right and where is it may happen what was valid few years before will now become obsolete and will get changed..yet values seldom change..a rude remark..abuse in any form can not be accepted..just person thinks that the way he wants to be..and he doesn’t care what others think..nope..society has evolved to create human rights and they will take action against a human being to upheld a law/ to escape this punishment..people lie..sort of turning white and black to a shade of is now neither white nor the law can not punish and due to benefit of doubt let you off the hook.
Then we lie to imagining or collecting reasons or justification for our unjust this we have gone one step ahead in lying..first we committed a mistake and then we have our arguments to support this mistake..see how clever we all are..we are getting better in getting worst..and what is more alarming..we are happy about this double standard and cheater’s life..we ultimately do this for the law/society..earlier we denied that it was we secretly desire to be important in this social ladder..were we lying about our feelings earlier or are we now..should we lie as before or can we stop ourselves..if we can stop or even decide to stop is a step towards saving our souls..we must care for the one thing that lives inside is the reason we live..we are is it possible to save our souls.


How many sides I have?

Am I biased or prejudiced ? Am I the left wing or right..why do I must have a side..well..there is a paper and its white so we use a black ink ..and if the letters get smudged ..we can not read it confuses us and we re-write  or use an ink that will be smudge free..yep like the eye-liner.

When I was a student, I felt that all humans are basically same hence they feel towards  different issues in a similar manner..that was naive’ because people are from various background that has locational aspects..geography status..exposure ..economics strata..and so on and many things make us the person we are..we are rebellions or followers.

We, the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve..are totally unique at individual levels..few traits thoughts may be alike or dislikes are same..but our minds and hearts..our souls are all “unique” if I am kalabalu can be kalabalu..but still your idea behind this name will differ from means , even if we were to follow same religion, ideology or thought..our interpretation and practise will differ..

Now, I feel that although we are all humans and we have rights to be wrong or is free will..we can choose the ways we are and want to be or change it..we can be prejudiced or biased..but..we must respect other’s view..we must have empathy for their feelings..we must keep our right of expression limited to the extent that we don’t hurt another..for basically we are all matter who we are and what we do ? where I am I work or think..

We, have to accept each other and create harmony ..and respect …

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Limitations vs expectations

Capabilities of mind and body gets streched and hardened with experience. We develop aptitude as we progress. In all relations..whether its political, social or economical ..each has a role defined by expectations and limitations.
We relate with age, education, background and to what can be expected and at which level a person will reach extreme. Sometimes, while we are stretching we temporarily extend our capacity but never for too it can break us or deform us permanently.
why is limitation important ? Not to arrest our progress or impose restrictions, rather it gives us the time to focus on our area of interest. An architect may know how the hospital operates but can not perform operation, intelligence may be same but skill is not..hence we must limit ourselves as per our capacity..for it can endanger another’s investments or life.
Expectations..this is more or less a challenge..people expect and ..I also expect myself to behave..and when I don’t that does disappoint me and others. I then again try ..behaviour is important it sorts of makes expectations and limitations take its status..and we then climb on the ladder of we learn.. to work and interact..we slowly stretch and adjust our capacity..hmmm sky was the its the universe 😉

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Befriend your enemy..make him your friend ;)

Can you share laughter with someone who hates it..even when you smile ? Can you sit and talk with someone who gets irritated the moment you step inside his space..Can you enjoy a meal with those who wished you were dead..Can you befriend your enemies knowingly ..and for how long ? Will it not drain your energy..fill you with tension so much that you will explode..and get splattered all over the life..think again before you dive into the burning hell , called hatred of enemies .
Who are your enemies ? The group who is jealous, who is against your ideologies, your presence ..your participation..who loves to back bite about you..and want to see you fall dead..or get bruised and abused..
When I was asked this question by a remarkable blogger..I replied with a simple No 😉
Yes..I was thinking about myself..not about those who hate capacity is not that much I take in all sorts of garbage and still be able to smile.
But..will rescue you if you are drowning in the sea that got flames as high as mountains and deep as oceans..beware of misfortunes and will not die in peace nor live with smile.Can you take a dip in ocean of hatred filled with invisible enemies?