Technology Vs Humanity

The advancement in technologies have led to many improvements in our daily life. Information, systems in operation , transportation, medical and legal facilities and energy. Now, people have facilities that makes life easier , logically these facilities must also have a positive effect on our “nature” ” attitude” “character” , as a nation and as […]

Thrills that kills

People get bored and they want some excitement. Normally, those who are good wage earners and have weekends to enjoy and relax, want to make routine life get a shake-up. Western or developed world has advanced in many ways, they have accomplished the stages in development that, better life sparks are about ” being different”. […]

Limitations vs expectations

Capabilities of mind and body gets streched and hardened with experience. We develop aptitude as we progress. In all relations..whether its political, social or economical ..each has a role defined by expectations and limitations. We relate with age, education, background and to what can be expected and at which level a person will reach […]

Befriend your enemy..make him your friend ;)

Can you share laughter with someone who hates it..even when you smile ? Can you sit and talk with someone who gets irritated the moment you step inside his space..Can you enjoy a meal with those who wished you were dead..Can you befriend your enemies knowingly ..and for how long ? Will it not drain […]