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Befriend your enemy..make him your friend ;)

Can you share laughter with someone who hates it..even when you smile ? Can you sit and talk with someone who gets irritated the moment you step inside his space..Can you enjoy a meal with those who wished you were dead..Can you befriend your enemies knowingly ..and for how long ? Will it not drain your energy..fill you with tension so much that you will explode..and get splattered all over the life..think again before you dive into the burning hell , called hatred of enemies .
Who are your enemies ? The group who is jealous, who is against your ideologies, your presence ..your participation..who loves to back bite about you..and want to see you fall dead..or get bruised and abused..
When I was asked this question by a remarkable blogger..I replied with a simple No 😉
Yes..I was thinking about myself..not about those who hate capacity is not that much I take in all sorts of garbage and still be able to smile.
But..will rescue you if you are drowning in the sea that got flames as high as mountains and deep as oceans..beware of misfortunes and will not die in peace nor live with smile.Can you take a dip in ocean of hatred filled with invisible enemies?

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

7 replies on “Befriend your enemy..make him your friend ;)”

I don’t know if I have any enemies. Probably lots of people who don’t care for me for one reason or another, but I think I could sit down to dinner with them. I have nothing against anyone at this point in my life so I’d like to think I am open minded enough to recognize that even my enemies want the same things I do in life: companionship, love, a family, happiness. I would do nothing to stand in their way.

Since I moved back to my home town, I got a transfer to work at our smaller satelite office. Some staff were upset that I kept my years of service which meant I became the most senior…many were not happy until they got to know me. One senior person is still struggling with her jealousy as I’m more experienced and liked by the National office. It does drain energy…I broke down last year as she was so rude but now I let it go…I realize it is HER problem with jealousy…her insecurities, she owns them…so I try to be more “teflon”…I even had a meal with her twice and she was pleasant…but it is not easy. Normally I would just keep a distance but this office is small…you have to try to get along…so she’s the bitter sister or cousin…I pretend we are a family…some I like more than others but we are all different. Love this post! Really makes me think…ouch, my head hurts now…{smiles}

excellent post…

I can’t hate anyone… I simply ignore mean or toxic people, I stay away from them… I can’t stand “free wickedness” and usually frustrated and complexed people turn into mean and nasty characters, as if their fellows had “stolen” their life…
– – –
I love your avatar… Audrey has been my “icon” for years…
my very best and friendly greetings from France, Mélanie

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