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Limitations vs expectations

Capabilities of mind and body gets streched and hardened with experience. We develop aptitude as we progress. In all relations..whether its political, social or economical ..each has a role defined by expectations and limitations.
We relate with age, education, background and to what can be expected and at which level a person will reach extreme. Sometimes, while we are stretching we temporarily extend our capacity but never for too it can break us or deform us permanently.
why is limitation important ? Not to arrest our progress or impose restrictions, rather it gives us the time to focus on our area of interest. An architect may know how the hospital operates but can not perform operation, intelligence may be same but skill is not..hence we must limit ourselves as per our capacity..for it can endanger another’s investments or life.
Expectations..this is more or less a challenge..people expect and ..I also expect myself to behave..and when I don’t that does disappoint me and others. I then again try ..behaviour is important it sorts of makes expectations and limitations take its status..and we then climb on the ladder of we learn.. to work and interact..we slowly stretch and adjust our capacity..hmmm sky was the its the universe đŸ˜‰

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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