How many sides I have?

Am I biased or prejudiced ? Am I the left wing or right..why do I must have a side..well..there is a paper and its white so we use a black ink ..and if the letters get smudged ..we can not read it confuses us and we re-write  or use an ink that will be smudge free..yep like the eye-liner.

When I was a student, I felt that all humans are basically same hence they feel towards  different issues in a similar manner..that was naive’ because people are from various background that has locational aspects..geography status..exposure ..economics strata..and so on and many things make us the person we are..we are rebellions or followers.

We, the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve..are totally unique at individual levels..few traits thoughts may be alike or dislikes are same..but our minds and hearts..our souls are all “unique” if I am kalabalu can be kalabalu..but still your idea behind this name will differ from means , even if we were to follow same religion, ideology or thought..our interpretation and practise will differ..

Now, I feel that although we are all humans and we have rights to be wrong or is free will..we can choose the ways we are and want to be or change it..we can be prejudiced or biased..but..we must respect other’s view..we must have empathy for their feelings..we must keep our right of expression limited to the extent that we don’t hurt another..for basically we are all matter who we are and what we do ? where I am I work or think..

We, have to accept each other and create harmony ..and respect …

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

10 replies on “How many sides I have?”

I agree with you on both issues. We are different… many of us, at least. But the freedom of choice offers us a greater dignity.. and a greater responsibility too. I liked this post very much.

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