Who are you ?

When you arrive in world so real from a dark womb..where there is no light..yet there is hope, care and faith..unseen yet true..you arrive in a world..unknown to you. When anyone ask.” Where you are from? before you came to this world alone or with a twin..you can not tell..No one knows ..yet we think we the souls are sent to this world for a reason to live. As, we grow and feel the love, trust and faith , we tend to forget the day we depart..we do age..one day old to hundred or more..we live without knowing when will we go..it still gives us hope , strengthen our faith and trust it grows..when we die..we always die..the birds, the worms, planets and trees..they all come alive and will cease..but then no one knows where we go..some think heaven others fear hell..but none has returned to tell us again..how the tomb was different from womb..did it have faith, trust and love ..or just agony , fear and depression in dust..unknown unseen so far , yet near..we get trapped from one to another ..and we age..one day we will meet..or never to see.. this world again..no pain no fear..if anyone ask me..there ..who are you ? where did you come from ? what will I say? I lost my body I got only my soul..I have no control..


9 thoughts on “Who are you ?

  1. Hmmm, this is very beautiful. If i may ask, can this knowledge of unseen nature and end drive us to living a life of uncertainty or say perhaps a more fulfilled lifestyle each second of our existence?

    Just a thought friend.

    Thank you.

    1. thank you for reading. This post was to make us feel we are never in control..and we forget that very often..so ..yes live life fully as that is expected of us , socially and religiously..and while we live don’t cling on to this world..for we must go..a place forever in not here..this is a stop over ..to our next destination..nice thought

  2. That’s such a thought-provoking piece. Where are we really from? Where do we really go? We, as humans, try to find the knowledge to understand how everything works and stepping on our toes trying to guess emotional side of humanity.

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