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Thrills that kills

People get bored and they want some excitement. Normally, those who are good wage earners and have weekends to enjoy and relax, want to make routine life get a shake-up.

Western or developed world has advanced in many ways, they have accomplished the stages in development that, better life sparks are about ” being different”. They do make daring trips to our part of the world.
Here, survival is for the fittest . You must use all part of your brains , a bullet may come or a brick may break your head..perhaps a fire trapped inside a cracker may get your finger burned..everything can when you step into our part of the world ..where getting home in one piece is a forget the other sophisticated themes..that life should actually revolve around.

Why ? is a question that many ask for this kind of jungle rule. Some blame it to culture, others to politics, few bring in religion and so finger pointing succeeds and development of system retards.

Technological advancement, is not real progress. Technology, gives us efficiency but a transplant from the cultured society of any gadget, doesn’t change our thinking or approach. We, as a nation did not develop to attain a system..we simply adopted it and it remains alien or mystery..we want to use it but never think it’s important to understand, its functionality. Trial and errors are normal, learning is not really important for no one earns while they learn.

This is year 2013 , and we at Dhaka have now started to use flyovers. Drivers decide to enter it almost in the last they give an indication stop everyone , yes, all three lanes and enter the free way..but what if this was a wrong decision..they apply brakes and now are rolling back..yes.traffic is coming towards them..but can not hit any car at the back!! it will be your fault..some sneak and take the entrance as exit 😉 they believe where there is a will there is way :)) hey ! hey! yell at top of voice..blare horns and flick lights..why are people trying to use their they must never use their right of is a free country and free way it not?

No wonder..traffic tells how a nation is..if its trying to follow or ditch you..force you to smash onto the car..make you get into an accident and smile start to is journey..we are sure chasing it with skills..if you can endure the thrills you will escape to get killed.

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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