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Technology Vs Humanity

The advancement in technologies have led to many improvements in our daily life. Information, systems in operation , transportation, medical and legal facilities and energy.
Now, people have facilities that makes life easier , logically these facilities must also have a positive effect on our “nature” ” attitude” “character” , as a nation and as a global community.
There should be less lies , as information is accurate and vast, available to masses. The upgraded computers must make all data and programs work effectively, there by saving investments and leading to high returns. there shouldn’t be any economic depressions. Transportation network has connected the world as a web, then visa for travel must be easier to get. Medical advancements has led to healthier body, so we should have a healthy mind. Our perspective of others should be based on justice and equality. The legal frame work is defined from a family to neighborhood, each person’s right and responsibility has been embedded, so crime rate should see a decline. Alternate energy sources are getting introduced, so oil related war fare should end.
Has technology given any person , a better life ? Not only in physical condition but also in social life?
Does an air conditioned space has comfort level ? Or does politics makes it difficult to work ? Are families actually connected , or just individuals living under a single roof, connected to face book more than your own parents ? Do you visit your relatives and ask them often how are they pulling along? Do you make friends without thinking what benefit can they give you i return ? Are you living a life or making a business with every action ?
Are you advancing in humanity? Did you use any technology to make someone feel warm and respected ?
Ask now 🙂 ask a question as you wake up and return to bed about your contribution in sharing , your investments in a relationship, your understanding of an issue.How much time you saved , and how well did you perform ? Did you use that time to strengthen your level as a human being. Are you closer to good or evil ? Can you try again to understand values ? It is important to be advanced in technology and to benefit at optimum level by using it to make this world peaceful and successful in a balanced way , composed and attractive.
The sky remains above, although mountains are high and the earth may endure pain be bought and sold, yet it takes you inside once you cease to live over it.

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

19 replies on “Technology Vs Humanity”

it is all depends on how we use it, is not it? your words are so very right and guiding.

I have had experienced both through technology- the good and the wicked. I don’t know which part I have played in lives of others! guess that is something others have to say

I see technology as a system of tools… and it can easily be an extension of our humanity. Unfortunately, lies are also a particular trait of humanity, as well as to try and climb up, using and abusing others. To me, there is no competition between technology and humanity. We human beings have great capacity for learning and change. But can’t improve ourselves as individuals, or our society, without work on ourselves. Reading your post, I am left with the impression that technology is not enough by itself, to really improve our lot as a whole. Very nice post.

I think technology is good up to a point. I cannot, for instance, replace human interaction such as the subtle nuances produced by a turned smile or a fleeting glance. Even a camera can’t capture all the details of a person’s way of communicating (I’m thinking a woman’s perfume or the smell of a delicious lunch). Humans need human interaction. Technology is great and I, for one, enjoy using as much as the next guy. But it’s that interface that we need to preserve in order to remain sane in this insane world!

or humanity versus technology: kind of like the terminator where the alien race is something man made that comes back to haunt us

anthropomorphized attributes like mocking seem misplaced
I see technology like a man reaching into a hole and finds he can’t reach the bottom and stepping back he finds a stick and extends his reach
technology is a tool
but like a gun, it depends on who is wielding it

Nice reading about you

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