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Staircase by paul Cocksedge-de zeen mag/London.Soho/Creative business

The-Living-Staircase-by-Paul-Cocksedge_dezeen_1 The-Living-Staircase-by-Paul-Cocksedge_dezeen_2sq The-Living-Staircase-by-Paul-Cocksedge_dezeen_3 The-Living-Staircase-by-Paul-Cocksedge_dezeen_4 The-Living-Staircase-by-Paul-Cocksedge_dezeen_5 The-Living-Staircase-by-Paul-Cocksedge_dezeen_6

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Want to count or live moments :)

ImageNo matter which month the rains pour down. It makes us feel relieved, but  like everything else we get from nature we want  rains to be not more nor less. Balance is always a need, in making life comfortable, we need limits to be safe.

Age is  desired, too short or too long, makes us miserable.Years in life ,ages our body but never our soul. ..Rains are like gift from sky..clouds are like a postal service. Carry and deliver, shower it over a selected land..the earth that was barren and dry..gets life if dead came alive..where no green was seen..its a forest of trees.

The earth has so many dead buried within..and if we had to count everyone how long will it take, perhaps years and years..turning us from young to very old..yet we can not count..just as we can never count number of rain drops falling ..everywhere..around and above..We wouldn’t be able to count how many waves surfaced on just laps every minute or so..and the stars that twinkle..we eagerly count up to few..then our eyes see more and more..and we let it go 🙂

Each day ..we wake up and pray for the day to pass happily and when it is time to sleep..we pray is also like a single day..we pray it to be happy and worth living ..eventually death puts us to sleep…

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Relationship must sail or it sinks

Relationship must sail or it sinks.


Roots/Origin are important :)

Plants have roots to live , to connect, to survive and so do we 🙂 The homo sapiens ..we, who live everywhere and anywhere..highly mobile..mass migration and cross cultural marriages is blending our races and we write about our heritage/inheritance in percentages..who are we and why we need to relate to our roots ? Time and again..we popularize global culture and international seems logical..

Earlier everything was manufactured with location and origin, now the technology is Japaneses and is produced in Korea and assembled in China. Earlier in one geographical location, in a single factory unit a product was produced. Now, its production is scattered all over the world, where labor is cheap or raw material is in abundance the production sequence gets completed and transported to next country. Interesting, but then what should the label read..made in ?? .The originally manufactured items are lesser or not within our reach at Bangladesh.

Is Geography important..if not then why not ? Location is very much related to people and their thoughts, but as technology advanced we have crossed the boundaries to improve our living standard , rather comfort levels .Yet, we think differently and accept attributes in a variety of ways..It is but unique to belong geographically and yet connect globally. The effect of Internet has led to many changes, generations now are more on their seats than on their toes, children play but seldom in field..more they get glued to their computers or phones..their sight recede..yet their vision exceed..they have acquired skills to collect data and use software for better presentation. Artificial life..mostly indoors, children run less and play hide seek on desk top or mobile phone.

Friends are virtual, and those in real are not close to heart. A change is fast removing our roots and giving us wings to  fly..are we now birds..or insects..why we no longer belong to a nation or a location. We, have changed the way our roots were connected, now we can connect anywhere..for it is everywhere..

Will this bring an end to World Wars ? Do we still want to conquer and conquest ? Or each one of us have someone we love on the other side of this Earth.




The Nomination for the-Versatile- Blogger -Award included my blog amongst the other 14 , by– . I am thankful and humbled.
I feel happy..when I receive a nomination, it gives me a boost to contribute more for getting a better readership and meaningful interaction.
The Versatile Blogger Award rules are as follows 🙂

  1. Display the logo on your blog.
  2. Announce  your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you.
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  5.  Write seven things about yourself 😉

I would like to nominate fifteen bloggers for,”the-versatile-blogger-award”

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  12. http://Man of many
  14. http://Pedro Holder

Seven things about me 🙂

1. I am as you find me, mostly like a mirror, reflecting your colors.

2. I love all seasons, for they make me feel nature in its perfect transitions.

3. I am interested to learn and review, so reading blogs is really entertaining.

4. My passion and work is same, designing spaces/buildings/details. Yes. I am an architect-urban designer.

5. I want to write poetry and short stories;)

6. I remain hidden behind a screen name and avatar, maybe I am scared of all internet documentations.

7. I am never afraid to jump , although I may fall lower than before, well climbing is a great way to relive moments.