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Merry Christmas !!

I wished my husband’s friend and his family..

He replied,” This year it is not“merry” Christmas for me” I instantly got on a self alarm, as he continued to explain. The political scenario has made his work come to a standstill for the last six months. His family was suppose to reach his in-laws for celebrating Christmas  and to pay respect to his deceased father in law, but they couldn’t as there was a road blockade. His son, a young boy was crying due to disappointments. The day, which he hoped to be filled with laughter and smiles, was turning out to be lonely and depressive..he didn’t even want to say the word,”Merry”

I felt his pain, I could understand how he was traumatized, financially and socially ..small things make us happy, yet those opportunities when denied due to any reasons beyond our control..makes a parent sad..his wife was planning this outing for the last three years..and this year made her really upset..because they were sort of hostage within their house..when will we be free to move and enjoy..I want freedom and peace.

It seems we must tell our leaders to promise us peace and we can be happy with whom we want to be, where we want to go and whatever we want to do 🙂


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Sensible Senses :)

Human beings are the real rulers of this world and the entire universe, in terms of conquering the vastness..we discover more and never create anything except some chaos and tools to plunder.

We, go around eating animals, plants,drinking water and breaking ground or mountains..we seldom feel them as living being as we use those..yet few of us have developed a soft touch for animals and so they do not want to kill them for food..hmmm..But they have yet to feel the same level of sympathy for plants, water and mountains..Killing them or digging up earth for construction or farms never does hurt..what makes us not must be the silent screams…when a branch is ripped or chopped from it’s main cries and moans..groans in pain..but we can not we never feel bad about turning forest into leveled plains..using logs proudly to build nice houses..stating it makes us feel close to nature..We, break stones turn those into sculpture and bleed them, shorten their lives..yet we decorate those on pedestals and claim to be artistic in touch.

Sound..the main sense to start feeling towards any living being..everything is living it is just the size and number of senses that makes it less in our graph, yet we claim to be protecting nature.

We, see but not beyond a certain eyes are just lenses to transfer,  the real image is formed by we see with our brains..we hear..we listen but we can not hear anything from those below or above our audible levels..but are they dumb..not really..when birds sing and it is lovely..yet we never understand them..what they have to tell us each morning while they join us watching the sun rise spreading rays..we can not pull the sun back nor push it away..that is beyond our control..we let it be..

We, touch and feel..we speak many languages ..yet eyes speak when we are silent ..sometimes with tears..sometimes with a wink..we roll the eyes to direct towards a link..we close our eyes to say ..yes..we say so many things..that we feel with eyes..that a blind man can not see..but yet the words sometimes deceive..

We, move and so does the mountains, seas and streams..we all got our routes and ways..some exists we make..we got places to go..even to other universe and systems. We, go away from this earth and look back, what we see? revolving in motions all planets they are moving..yet we never feel this motion..can we not feel? No, that is better for us or we would all get so dizzy 😉

Food 🙂 oh! yes..the taste bud ..we must eat and no limits are set..other than our taste for food and religious back ground..we find the cuisines so tempting and delicious..we never feel for the fish we eat; squids or prawns. While we pull them from waves, don’t they scream and jump and try to escape..from our plate. No one feels any loss in that ? Except for whales..we hear much protest..we want to protect the big fish ..smaller may go ..we can get more ..right ?

Does it mean…we can not eat anything or use anything we have  in our control? of course we can..we the human beings are the only specie that has to learn while we grow and we think and choose our ways to live. None of the other has any role to play, except to live and reproduce or bees, they have no other agenda..They all get born and struggle to survive, mate and die. humans are the only one..who will get questioned for the blessings we have..we will be required to give causes for our behavior..we will be either going to hell or heaven..animals , land, mountains, and seas..even the universe will not be required to give an account of their life here..

Life is about virtues and vices, good and bad..of course ..we all got brains to think and develop ideas, or question the existing general even if few of us deny to be re-born, or be questioned for using and abusing their life …there is a feeling that all this is not made for us ,without reason..we must find the reason..and proceed to live..and ultimately die.

Get buried, cremated, drowned or go round and round in space floating as debris..

We have five senses..controlled by brains we must be sensible as we live now..

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Christmas Tree :) by DS Mag

The tree with logs leaves no green yet a to see



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A poem for winter :) in response to whocouldknowthen Haiku

Winter has a magical touch
Snow fall urges hands to feel
the cold and numbness, that is real
we cover , we shiver, we attempt to deal
winter is a fairy on wheels :)

Will not hibernate
will not miss..this light silvery kiss
snow covers..where grass has died
winter has come to bring an end
to cycle of life..for a new beginning

Trees are bare and we tend to share
warmth of heart..we sing we care
sun when glares..we tend to stare
at the chilling one can see
just feel…it is real

Marcus Moller Bitsch
Marcus Moller Bitsch
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What mysteries surrounds us ?

what clouds  can do..except roar.. slowly  floats..from east to west and showers it goes..I run and chase..the breeze in daze..I want to touch the clouds so much..but can not fly..I envy the birds and butterflies..take me with you..I have no wings no force to push my body to repel. the gravity pull..I want to know how many drops will surface the earth..and winter will see..the snow fall as we freeze..still..

I want to feel the first snow..the first rains that washes away clean my soul..How many things..I never can count nor see..measure or is uncontrollable is prized..and will be all four seasons that I want to live..spring to summer..autumn to winter..I am all cycles of seasons..they got many reasons to be..each year..each day the_call_the_wind_mariah_by_phatpuppyart-d48bz2z


Blue Jeans by Ian Berry- DS Magazine

Blue Jeans by Ian Berry- DS Magazine

Beauty is everlasting 🙂