Sensible Senses :)

Human beings are the real rulers of this world and the entire universe, in terms of conquering the vastness..we discover more and never create anything except some chaos and tools to plunder. We, go around eating animals, plants,drinking water and breaking ground or mountains..we seldom feel them as living being as we use those..yet few […]

A poem for winter :) in response to whocouldknowthen Haiku

Winter has a magical touch Snow fall urges hands to feel the cold and numbness, that is real we cover , we shiver, we attempt to deal winter is a fairy on wheels  Will not hibernate will not miss..this light silvery kiss snow covers..where grass has died winter has come to bring an end […]

What mysteries surrounds us ?

what clouds  can do..except roar.. slowly  floats..from east to west and showers it goes..I run and chase..the breeze in daze..I want to touch the clouds so much..but can not fly..I envy the birds and butterflies..take me with you..I have no wings no force to push my body to repel. the gravity pull..I want […]