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How to balance it out ?

We judge..each action and words included..and then we decide how to act or write in our response. We..react to actions like a bouncer. What if, we were insensitive to the issue and busy in giving a reply ?It will hurt or disturb the initiator of any action.

We, must care for other’s feelings other’s feel; for basically two reasons, first we as human being are responsible in sending hate and love  emotions and secondly we are accountable for our actions.

The easy way to handle sensitive issues is, to be kind if you want to do justice in any situation , for when we try to be just..we sometime fail and do harm  or get cruel.

People sometimes comment,”I was straight forward, but at least I was honest” that approach will not do, we must be honest sweetly..and effectively. To lie is a sin, but to hurt is also a sin..we must learn to speak truth ,sensibly sensitively sincerely.

That will make us silent in many situations. which is beneficial for sometime, this deafness makes action louder and we register it clearly.

Life is a balance, like a bicycle ride, keep on rolling , ride it  ! for when you stop you will either fall or must put your foot down.

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Life is always great :)

Married life is best 😉 is all about a good wife..sometimes people describe a woman/man more like an entertainer and service provider..few complain about weight and high expenditures..there are no the old saying want their women to never change and women want their men to change for good.

I think about this feels..women use themselves as bait..and men want to eat a good one…not a lousy rotten thing. And men..hmmm I think men want to they show all their vices..and women are thinking..I am so good..I will change all that and make him better..from bitter…

In one way or another..there are expectations, failures, defeats, anger and lies..vows are forgotten and good times are that reasonable..nope..Why is chasing fun and keeping not 🙂 Persistent efforts gets you the prize..and your consistent bragging or nagging, makes you lose it.

Snap out of it..before you get snapped out . Was that a philosopher..hmmm seldom have I seen any philosopher with a loving doting wife. Where was I? Yes..a tug of war and lots of love..with many children and you get sobered and get into an affair..and you are not actually treating it keep on telling yourself..this is an inspiration or boost for keeping your married life in good health..Really ?

Well…we have reasons and causes..reasons to defy and causes to deny..Nothing happens ..yet..we like this thrill that can kill..are we born thieves..that to sneak and peek is a pleasure indeed..Life is good…I still say married life is better.

PS..I am a wife 🙂 no..I didn’t try to change my husband ..he just got inspired by my ways.


Hold me ..

Hold me once again
yes , it makes all of it go
the agony and pain
and more

Hold me with love
To make me feel so sure
when you hold me close
your arms are waves that touch my heart as shores

Hold me now..hold me to show
that you love makes my soul glow

Love me me sweet

Love is all..that I need

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Your hand in mine :)

Today..I give you my hand ..with a vow to be your’s forever,

To love, to cherish, to hold and care, as long as we are together

We will always remember this our most cherished dream.

I promise myself, to be your’s in all magical themes

I will be your shadow ..I will be your cold 🙂

I will sneak away when lights go off…and catch you in winter to hold

All the bad times we may experience, will not make us sad

We will make our life happier, each day with a better way !!

Will laugh together always, and cry sometimes too

It doesn’t matter if you break my head

just never break my heart without clues

I am with you from the start and will be there  for you 🙂

Come hug me now, and kiss me is bed time..we must sleep

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Flowers -BHG photo

BHG122697.jpg.rendition.largest Looking at flowers makes us think 🙂

How beautiful nature is

No fear of wish to live longer

Just to blossom and spread a fragrance

if not many few would see

Flowers that blossomed and died suddenly

Nature Picture

Snow captured -DS magazine

This year was cold my dear

They did try to clear

roads, roofs, flowers and trees

But, as you can  see

Snow laden over mountains and streets

29 39 68 77 87 123 133 143 163 191 221 241 251 261

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Your Spouse :)

Your much treasured partner , “your spouse”   is definitely not a mouse. You can not trap nor control , you can find him and enroll.

In your life, for thick and thin..your spouse is like your skin. Covers your tender parts and never expose, your faults and miseries that you secretly disposed. Of course, your spouse knows you inside out. He was the ears, you could tell truth and lies, you smile at all his stupid jokes..not because you feel is just because he gets you confused..what he meant and what actually he said…makes you realize, he lose control when you are in sight you power over him in real..was that part of the deal ?

Your spouse, is good for cuddle too ..from behind you curl up and forget blues. he is there, nodding his head to let you speak..he seldom listens but..still he tries to please. You know very well, he will be there for you, just as you are always with him.. 100% true !

In life, we seek a soul mate ..but spouses are better. You can be his lover, friend and savior..he gives you immense opportunities to prove and improve ,at work and at home. Love your spouse, for all his faults and facts…respect him, please him and let him do the same for you..Your spouse is there only for you !!! 

keep him for good and enjoy each day of married life.

Life Poetry

I will remember you

Years pass by yet in my heart

Your memories still can stir a flutter

I know you must have forgotten me

I remember you


In times when I am sad or getting depressed

I watch my face, with pressed lips

My eyes they lack the shine or smile

I want to know..if you feel it too

When I remember you


When people leave me behind

I know I got a life to find

So, I shred and tore all that makes me sore

I can not delete ..what you gave

A hope so lovely, a feeling so strange

I just remember you


No tears can wash away , my love for you

No regrets , no pain is so intense or true

As, is my love for you 🙂

I will remember you..but not with tears I don’t fear about losing you

I have lost myself and found in you

reasons to be ..happy for me

No..I have no clues ..about what and why?

I can try  if you want me to explain

Why I want to remember you

But I do..I still remember you