Your hand in mine :)

Today..I give you my hand ..with a vow to be your’s forever,

To love, to cherish, to hold and care, as long as we are together

We will always remember this our most cherished dream.

I promise myself, to be your’s in all magical themes

I will be your shadow ..I will be your cold 🙂

I will sneak away when lights go off…and catch you in winter to hold

All the bad times we may experience, will not make us sad

We will make our life happier, each day with a better way !!

Will laugh together always, and cry sometimes too

It doesn’t matter if you break my head

just never break my heart without clues

I am with you from the start and will be there  for you 🙂

Come hug me now, and kiss me is bed time..we must sleep


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