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Life is always great :)

Married life is best πŸ˜‰ is all about a good wife..sometimes people describe a woman/man more like an entertainer and service provider..few complain about weight and high expenditures..there are no the old saying want their women to never change and women want their men to change for good.

I think about this feels..women use themselves as bait..and men want to eat a good one…not a lousy rotten thing. And men..hmmm I think men want to they show all their vices..and women are thinking..I am so good..I will change all that and make him better..from bitter…

In one way or another..there are expectations, failures, defeats, anger and lies..vows are forgotten and good times are that reasonable..nope..Why is chasing fun and keeping not πŸ™‚ Persistent efforts gets you the prize..and your consistent bragging or nagging, makes you lose it.

Snap out of it..before you get snapped out . Was that a philosopher..hmmm seldom have I seen any philosopher with a loving doting wife. Where was I? Yes..a tug of war and lots of love..with many children and you get sobered and get into an affair..and you are not actually treating it keep on telling yourself..this is an inspiration or boost for keeping your married life in good health..Really ?

Well…we have reasons and causes..reasons to defy and causes to deny..Nothing happens ..yet..we like this thrill that can kill..are we born thieves..that to sneak and peek is a pleasure indeed..Life is good…I still say married life is better.

PS..I am a wife πŸ™‚ no..I didn’t try to change my husband ..he just got inspired by my ways.

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

12 replies on “Life is always great :)”

Very wisely written. I fear I have a great deal to learn about married life but life is about learning so taking each lesson as it comes πŸ™‚


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