Cake will do :)

Invite me to your birthday, I shall bring a cake a two

One with chocolate , another with pineapple juice

Bring in all the candles , I will fire it up for you

Blow it all away..and wish for something new

Love to share laughter, gifts and smiles with you



Friends are always a good source to live a life renewed 🙂

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Acceptance :)

Life is expectations and acceptance. We, are always aspiring to become or achieve a goal, few times we pull or push those we associate with to join or jump for reaching  targets and ultimately to a goal. Success, fame, health ,happiness or wealth, we got our little dream worlds right from the time we remember..yes  🙂 a very long time from that point in life, we now are looking back and ahead too.

Few things are unacceptable, these tend to create tensions and rebellious attitude, we fight for what we think as our right and  we hurt others in this war game. We, win and we lose..leaving our hurdles behind we aim higher and want to proceed faster. Are we chasing time and passing life ? Are we not defeating hearts and winning applause from unknown admirers. Are we popular on social website and an introvert in life ?

Marriage is one huge step in our life, where we “accept” the other as being our partner in all aspects of life. We are sharing from address to bills, name and blame . We are stick on with an invisible glue , clearly opposite yet magnetically attracted to faults, weaknesses  and humor. It feels there is someone within a reach to punch and kiss, hug and miss, tease or please , yet remain indeed your’s faithfully.

But, before we accept another human being into our life, we must accept our self accept ..we must know ..what we are..and what needs to be improved or created that other can find it easy to accept us. Perfection is always easy to accept, because we can relax and feel at ease, imperfection is rather challenging..moods burst and swear…or flare..too many indicators..loudness and your mind can not focus what to say 😉

Close your eyes and see your spouse face . Is it angry or happy ? tired or energetic ? Then open your eyes and look at yourself..can you see those emotions in your eyes ? We, the intelligent specie on earth has a mind that is never fully utilized, yet we always think we are smarter than the other..why? Partly, because we self indulge  or are egoistic..or thick head.

Acceptance is a huge umbrella, it covers more than the vows can ever list. It is a submission of self. A commitment to be able to accept all that may come, good or bad.

When we accept this challenge , then life’s achievements would be fun while we are on it’s journey, each failure would be accepted as each win would be celebrated. Eyes will speak, hands will caution and lips will remain sealed.

The song he is humming, you know which one and the mischievous teasing punch you have aimed just over his nose ..he knows with his eyes closed 🙂

You have learned to accept and there is no more to expect ..than an honest acceptance. 


You from air and I from sea

waves are currents, and motion is clean

I make you cold, as you make me cool

I need air to breathe,

You need water to drink

We are different..Thank God!

Otherwise..I will suffocate and you will die of thirst.

I accept you..Do you ?


You have it but do you want it too ?


A faceless figure with no outstanding attribute

lurking inside you like a devil’s own soul

making you miserable , cranky and old

Jealousy the mother of all evils..that’s what I am told

Partner of Devil

Cousin of Malice

Follower of Lies

Child of Revenge

Will tear you up the end

Where ever Jealousy reigns

Darkness and fear looms

Honesty has no room

Always scheming for a perfect doom

It’s goal to bleed and slaughter

Adams’ sons and daughters

has no remorse no feel

Not an entertaining fantasy..but real

Eject it before others reject you

So..what can be done?

Can you run ?


But, you can try one antidote 

Forgive, others in whatever they do 🙂

What I am telling you true ..

Because..I tried it works just fine

You will feel clean and blessed divine




Photo : source David Bowie -DS Magazine



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False or True

Do not ever say sorry

if you never worry

How your words killed

How actions felt inside

Don’t even think it

No never link it

Your false and fake words

Buttered up with lies

So..what if I am nice 🙂

I am also a bit wise

And will revolt..and surprise

with fist or tongue fight

I will only accept an apology 🙂

If you mean it ..and let go of pride

Improvise..improve and rise !!!


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Mind Your Language :)

The art of writing and speech is a gift. Human mind has many thoughts bubbling like a volcano, erupt and the gems are thrown high and up…and the lava melts and burns, yet enriches the soil.

But, we never like the idea of standing or staying where burning lava is..but we  do like the enrichment . Language, is the tool to express our gems of thoughts, words have meanings and when we use those words that are devoid of any “sense” , the is then the writing becomes a burning fuming huffing and puffing stream of want to run away or remain static with fear..but your attention is not where the writer would like it to be focused.

What makes a writing easy and direct, the underlining warmth and sweetness..are the choice of words we express and that does the trick 😉 Of course, serious matters like court or economics, would be stern and firm. Yet. The words have let us wash our brain from all those dirty words used, that makes the space stinking and uncomfortable.

Let us try and sound good, as good as our thoughts..why select the “foul” words..that are used mostly to show disgust and frustrations.

In all writing , prose or poetry be clean, clear, free and responsible . It will attract readers, your quality will contribute to overall writing style and soon, a huge group would be pursuing to write without the derogatory comments.

Harsh and fiery, will burn your ears’ drum 🙂 let the fire in your thought spark a light in other’s spirit. Let it light, for it is right to write , right 🙂

Mind your language, it reflects and spreads..mirroring and copying ..words..

I was told

When I was three years old

Words are bold

Words are cold

Words can make the world shine like Gold 🙂

Do you want other’s to hold

Your words forever, in mind and heart

So..please do Start

To write it , Right

make words shimmer like Light

Vanishing the darkness of ignorance night

With a beautiful Moonlight 🙂


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Why we try :)

In a life so easy, time does fly

You remain young at heart and seldom cry

Love is your partner and success your boss

You get everything quickly, nothing to throw or toss

Yet, inside you..there is urge to improve

Your aim is, now to prove

That you deserve this good  life

In this world and after, so you strive

An edge to excel and seek

A  profound name , not meek

Must we try for people or God ?

I searched myself and I found the truth

I must do it , for God only

That is the way to get it both

Must serve humanity and remain truthful in faith

We, trust, pray and finally rest as late 🙂

But never too late, if we make it to heaven’s gate



Woman :) A poem a rhyme

Soft, gentle, loving and kind

Who comes to your mind ?

A woman,is intoxicating as wine

She will be forever your’s, just offer to “be mine”

Why do you ridicule and abuse with words and fist

Why does her soul and body bear marks, when she resists

She is a woman, a source of joy

Do not play with her emotions, she is no toy

Respect her, trust her and be kind

She will make your life as bright as sunshine



You are Special :)

Born great or achieved a measure only of success in areas you thrived to exists. What makes you great ? Or successful, is judged only by yourself. Your aims and your goals, how you target and when you realize those, virtual and real world. Both, are now the scales to be considered.

The rating, followers, links or friends , is about how you use those. People are calculative, they invest and expect return, in business and in life. They mostly, would re-act to actions. Others inspire and lead, those are the leaders, they have  aim to serve “the people” , their goal is not only about themselves, rather about the areas they want to focus at, which may be humanity or politics, discovery or invention. Then, there are dreamers, they close their eyes and imagine, more into literature or art work, the words are actions and colors their life.

Although, many in between ranges  exists, yet fame has been a crown, that  makes you a King or a Clown. The popular theme, be yourself, means not to be someone you are not . yet..but you want to be..and in this progress if you place the title before the qualification, it retards your development. Makes you a fake too, people ridicule you and tell everyone that you”lied” .People are basically radars, they watch you and seldom look into themselves.

Be special, by being an improved “you”. Never change, because you can hardly change but try to think how other’s feel about you..and then make life easy for yourself and others too.

You may be ordinary, with limited followers or friends..but to them if you are special , then you can proudly say,” I am Special”


Life Poetry

I expect do you ?

See , me ?

Look carefully. you will find a heart that breaks

A mind that detects fakes.

Yet. I keep my comments to myself

I never share

No, I never tell

I fear you will go

and leave me for good

I want to hear

your voice again, even if you hide under a hood

I can not see, your eyes on me

I can not find your mind in thoughts

those I want you to never forget

You never can remember , all or one

Not your fault

But, it is mine.

I am standing on a locked door

You have left with keys

I can not sleep

So…what am I doing must be crazy 😉

Yes..I expect you to feel my wants and needs

I kept on feeding , info each day

You are never bothered, you never display

Any emotions that equals mine

It means, I am searching for life in death cries

truth in lies..

The worse fact is..I have betrayed myself in this

I picked the wrong heart to beat with me

I opted for bad choice , unsuitable for me

it is not your fault..never was

I must leave ..I must go

I must search..a little more

Before, I extend my heart and mind

for a beloved soul mate or a true friend for all times 🙂