Life Poetry

I expect do you ?

See , me ?

Look carefully. you will find a heart that breaks

A mind that detects fakes.

Yet. I keep my comments to myself

I never share

No, I never tell

I fear you will go

and leave me for good

I want to hear

your voice again, even if you hide under a hood

I can not see, your eyes on me

I can not find your mind in thoughts

those I want you to never forget

You never can remember , all or one

Not your fault

But, it is mine.

I am standing on a locked door

You have left with keys

I can not sleep

So…what am I doing must be crazy 😉

Yes..I expect you to feel my wants and needs

I kept on feeding , info each day

You are never bothered, you never display

Any emotions that equals mine

It means, I am searching for life in death cries

truth in lies..

The worse fact is..I have betrayed myself in this

I picked the wrong heart to beat with me

I opted for bad choice , unsuitable for me

it is not your fault..never was

I must leave ..I must go

I must search..a little more

Before, I extend my heart and mind

for a beloved soul mate or a true friend for all times 🙂

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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