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Mind Your Language :)

The art of writing and speech is a gift. Human mind has many thoughts bubbling like a volcano, erupt and the gems are thrown high and up…and the lava melts and burns, yet enriches the soil.

But, we never like the idea of standing or staying where burning lava is..but we  do like the enrichment . Language, is the tool to express our gems of thoughts, words have meanings and when we use those words that are devoid of any “sense” , the is then the writing becomes a burning fuming huffing and puffing stream of want to run away or remain static with fear..but your attention is not where the writer would like it to be focused.

What makes a writing easy and direct, the underlining warmth and sweetness..are the choice of words we express and that does the trick 😉 Of course, serious matters like court or economics, would be stern and firm. Yet. The words have let us wash our brain from all those dirty words used, that makes the space stinking and uncomfortable.

Let us try and sound good, as good as our thoughts..why select the “foul” words..that are used mostly to show disgust and frustrations.

In all writing , prose or poetry be clean, clear, free and responsible . It will attract readers, your quality will contribute to overall writing style and soon, a huge group would be pursuing to write without the derogatory comments.

Harsh and fiery, will burn your ears’ drum 🙂 let the fire in your thought spark a light in other’s spirit. Let it light, for it is right to write , right 🙂

Mind your language, it reflects and spreads..mirroring and copying ..words..

I was told

When I was three years old

Words are bold

Words are cold

Words can make the world shine like Gold 🙂

Do you want other’s to hold

Your words forever, in mind and heart

So..please do Start

To write it , Right

make words shimmer like Light

Vanishing the darkness of ignorance night

With a beautiful Moonlight 🙂


By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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