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Home Work :) is the bitterest blog on internet.

I must write about how does bens bitter blog rate on internet. I hardly read about bitterness and to evaluate meant to surely read a few blogs that does write about bitterness or are bitter.
Bitter Sweet blog at is about yummy recipes for preparing a delicious treat that has underlining bitter to make sweet taste better 🙂

The Bitter blog, is actually very inspiring and has ways to deal with getting rid of being bitter.
The scorned and slightly bitter blog, has a bit of complaining and ranting
Zack Bitter blog is not very bitter 🙂

So, in short all the labelled bitter blogs were not about promoting bitterness , it was planning an escape. People always have basic two ways for inspiring others..present ugliness to avoid it through hating or present it as part of life’s gift and accept it.

Now..why did I end up with a home work ? Me and my BIG mouth..yep I wrote to Ben that home work is good !! was I dreaming ? ouch !! had a bad awakening ..landed up with a 5000 words..I hardly write 500 words 🙂
I normally talk much and write less..for I don;t like to read a very long article..and I feel that others maybe like me 🙂

Now, let us come to rating Ben’s Blog about bitterness is better 🙂 The idea behind Bens’ blog is to present views about everything or anything in life, through an episode that seemingly tends to be bitter..but is actually better. I think, that is what his blog is about. No. I did not copy his “About” write-up describing it.

Please read all that is bitter and evaluate bensbitterblog, kindly email your evaluation to me. This way, hopefully I can complete my 5000 words assignment .
Question is..if I do submit my assignment will it make him happy or bitter? If it will make him happy..then the whole idea of a bitter blog gets a red mark on the other hand if it makes his we want to make him happy about bitterness ?

I think, the question is ,” To do or not to do” my homework ?
Ah! that is a good option I will add a poll..all those who wants me to complete my assignment should send me their article about ” Whether bensbitter blog is actually the bitterest on internet ” and those of you who don’t want me to keep my words..are free as bird.

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No not I

Left me alone in cold dark night

We did scream. we did fight

was it wrong..went for long

endless venom that was a fright

Did I start ?

No  not I

Rumors spread and loneliness depressed

took pills..wanted to kill

had no urge , felt on verge

climbed up stairs

fell like a pair

but broke only a leg

and now ..feel despair

who pushed you to die ?

Did you or me ?

No. Not I

Will anyone ask to forgive

will you forget

can you rephrase

will it be another phase

of your ugliness and my cowardice

Will you leave to go

Will I say yes or No ?

No. Not I.


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Barren life

A barren life has little or no memories

full of despair and agonies

watch those eyes..dried up like dark wells

no feeling just puffy light or fire dwells

emptiness like branches spread out to search

birds, insects, butterflies or bees

no one come to sit on me…it’s lonely

no stars in moon to delight

no breeze that fragrance that fills

my soul like fire, my heart with desire

am alone and lonely…barren life has it’s shallowness

and endless miseries..