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No not I

Left me alone in cold dark night

We did scream. we did fight

was it wrong..went for long

endless venom that was a fright

Did I start ?

No  not I

Rumors spread and loneliness depressed

took pills..wanted to kill

had no urge , felt on verge

climbed up stairs

fell like a pair

but broke only a leg

and now ..feel despair

who pushed you to die ?

Did you or me ?

No. Not I

Will anyone ask to forgive

will you forget

can you rephrase

will it be another phase

of your ugliness and my cowardice

Will you leave to go

Will I say yes or No ?

No. Not I.


By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

14 replies on “No not I”

Thank you I share warm hugs back with you! Yours sure are a welcome treat! 🙂 I was actually a little bit… well I asked for comfort in knowing you were doing good. Thank you. 🙂

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