Healthy food ..must heal

We , the people of Bangladesh who wants to live and eat healthy are finding it next to impossible in consuming “healthy” food. Genetics improved and fertilizers protected the production, but to what extend must we add, will it be wrong to say..that today we consume formalin in fish, dyes in coloring , lead, water ..Chicken has been fed to get fat and look healthy..what is happening ?
STOP .. and THINK .. Yes..we are all trying to appear healthy and not be healthy . Reality vs illusion, and guess what illusion wins..the fake master grins and earns loads of cash..and makes us spend fortune in recovery from consuming , adulterated food..which is actually poison .

I can not eat any fruit, vegetable, pulses, oil and tea , to name a few items that find its place on my dinner table. I do understand that production of food is a challenge with population explosion ,but here less is more theme works better 🙂 I am sure.
I was happily planning to eat cucumber with it’s skin , when someone almost screamed..remove the skin or all the pesticides would land up into your system..and it may think that you are a pest..inside..and need to be eliminated.
Well, good old days were really “good” and we just heard about it..those who lived in that era are gone and happy.


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