I want to hope and live

Stranded and left in wild

It is always tough to decide

Must you lose your pride

is the only way to compromise

to have your journey in peace

can you allow others to deceive

they knowing, you know the truth

can they take you for a fool

or be

a coward in heart

no strength to continue  nor start 

to live freely as the birds

they worry not  more than a meal

they have a perfect deal 

with them.

I want to be 🙂


Till eternity


By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

5 replies on “I want to hope and live”

No, I don’t agree with you here, kalabalu. Birds don’t just worry about the next meal. They have to build a nest, and have to sit on the eggs, and bring food to the chicks after they come out of the eggs. Life isn’t always fair… but it is almost always complicated…

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