Which one is easier ?

Should you opt to remain single in status and live together to avoid divorce ?

Do you appreciate the values attached to marriage ?

Can you get married to someone you like?

Or you get married..for the sake of getting into a relationship…but this ship is already sinking . Is it not true ? People have few dreams in fame, power and beauty..all combined it seems the melting point is marriage. Well, at least to the Asian residing in subcontinent. 

Girls parents main agenda is to get their daughter married ? Question arises why? For a better future ? Not always..but still they are in a rush to hand over their responsibility to another , even if it means you have to literally buy the groom ! Dowry and cash settled and delivered..but what if the amount fixed is beyond the reach of the parents. The young bride is tortured and burned to  death. Is that really worth ? Was she not a daughter you cared for and loved, if her life was any worth..then why not let her live at least..why hook her up with death and torture.

Married women after 10 years even are still paying off to stay married..few times a  sum of money is demanded  if the parents wanted to get something..but why should you bear the load of another household to get your daughter married..is not only supporting her cheaper ? Then there is a common statement, it is our culture ..well get it redefined..it is not a culture that makes people behave as uncultured  vultures.

Girls are human being..do not sell them and don’t buy them grooms, both are pathetic. Learn from other societies and appreciate the value of marriage and not weddings. Try to change this , if not action then at least with words, hoping someone would take action in a positive direction. Laws for anti dowry can only be implemented if it gets social support and recognition. All groom parents, please have self respect and do not plan to become permanent parasite on the bride and her family.. they are not family support program launched by the government authorities, they are just as ordinary people earning a reasonable wage..with a a daughter to wed 🙂 

8 responses to “Which one is easier ?”

  1. Why not to let their daughter to get a decent work and let them decide to get married? Isn’t it?



      1. That is always the society’s wrong mindset


  2. Sometimes it takes a while for society to adapt to changes in life style. In our society, we had the same system of giving a dowry to the groom. But eventually that changed (as a result of the changing realities) and today we are free of that difficulty. You may be right that there is no need for the marriage… for the ceremony, or the piece of paper. But only time will tell. Still, I agree with you that marriage is only worth while if there is love and respect between the two partners.


    1. Awesome you should think of sohnimteg like that


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