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Will you forgive..

Each day..almost every time I do something wrong, a simple error from typo to mega mistakes that cost money, time and energy. I let it go..rarely I tell myself anything near scolding..sometimes…I even find causes , justifications for my actions.
If, someone else specially a sub-ordinate committed a similar mistake..will I forgive and let it pass ?
Can I remember that we all are human and err is but a part of nature. I pin point, abuse verbally, make faces or gestures .. like shrugging shoulders..rotating head like a pedestal fan …even take up the role of national broadcaster..and ensure each and everyone know..what a HUGE error was done by someone else..who is just as human as me.
I feel ashamed.. how seldom I treated others with same leniency that I thought was my edge/right ;) is like if I steal something, it is my need and when another person commits theft it is all about greed.
I will forgive..I have decided seriously..all other persons before I forgive myself or ask for forgiveness..from those I have wronged starting from neighbors, family , friends to boss. I do cause much anxiety and financial loss.. is it part of growing up ? and becoming mature.. getting old is never proportionate to realizing our role in is when life shows us a mirror..reflecting all our “bad” actions in stark nakedness..that we realize how ugly our actions, thoughts and words are/ deep they scar and demoralize another’s feelings.
I recall once, a colleague told me ,” I am upset..because boss scolded ..for coming late..becase he never comes on time.”


Where do you live ?

Are you near or far
Can you see or hear
Have you felt this close ?
As you do sometimes
when you bring your nose
to smell a rose 🙂
Are you with me now?
Or have you left and gone
Are you awake or asleep
can you tell me please?
Not really 😉 if you are snoring
blaring the room.and am trying to rest
and get some peace

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Attitude or aptitude

Human relationships have two main focus points. It is your attitude or aptitude, when we meet anyone, through their work or in person. Their aptitude is the main reason for interaction, then comes attitude issues.
Positive or or destructive , our evaluation is continuous..not because we are being judgmental in terms of labeling .. rather we are trying to find links ..or connections that are intangible yet important. Some refer to it as similar frequency , the indication of having equal amount of interest ..when we feel differently about a similar issue it is welcomed as a fresh angle, but when we fail to understand the subject , that is unacceptable. Because , we fail due to our low level of intelligence and poor concentration on the topic.
Many times as I read women magazines, there is always a column where they would focus on “what interest men” , as I skim ( no I am not trying to learn that 😉 it reveals, the subject shows how important it is to be focused, be subjective and Honest.

SO, honesty is a ” key ingredient” for any relationship to make or break. When we are dishonest, we tend to lie by nodding our head indicating that we do understand but actually ..the whole thing went over our head..that is one of the reason, I write a comment on blog sort of vents out my understanding and gives the blogger a turn to correct me or add to my knowledge..and whenever someone post an incredible writing or photograph..the only way I can keep it by resonates the idea/feeling/message posted originally.

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Flowers were not for me :)

I waited all the time in life..for flowers were really a delight one brought nor bought any flowers for me
they said it was not easy !!
Roses were signs for love and lust
Dandelions were great..but cost too much 😉
Pansies were sweet..and colors so neat
they thought ,,it was best to leave them as treat
Daisies for me were never right
No one got me flowers..that is so right
I wanted to fight for flowers “Just for me”
No no..they said,”It is not advisable to kill reality to fulfill a fantasy”

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Scars they never scare me

Scars they never scare me.

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Which one is uglier

People are connected and divided by emotions, feelings and attachments. What hurts us more? biased opinions or favoring high ups ? We, the normal people who are destined to succeed with hurdles in our way .
Sometimes it is racism, others it is religious beliefs and more than often economic status that we achieved or inherited .
Each day , we wake up to remain alive and at night we are happy that we survived, the battle of words, the scheming of plots and cornering of courage..we are looked down , as if this status was created by us.
We..are trying not to be pulled down by those who discriminate and am fighting to resists that push from those who despise us due to their “biased opinions”.
What hurts us most is, when our family starts to think like the others who have judged us with in-just.
It is ugly to be hated by others and uglier to be let down by those who are important and close to our heart.
Give us a chance, be patient and content..we are alive and have a live and be free…or soon we will become intolerant and rebellious tear down all the values that are blocking our become those whom you admire…But that what we want ?…
no…never..we want to be ordinary people..we got our self respect and that is our pride and matter how you smear and jeer at us..we are who we are the majority ..we the people


I follow you and sometimes you follow me :))

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At word press, it has been sometime that I got active and posted regularly. Although, the internet fails to let me remain log in , still I am addicted to this Virtual world. What fascinates me is the amazing contribution of photographs that has captured the beauty, mood and feel of a space, depicting culture and taste . The inspiring poems that describe everyday life, so softly and tenderly , like a piano recital. The writers who bring the values of society and culture, in a challenging perspective for readers to think deep, and search for answers if any. Life has so many aspects, and one that gives us pleasure is humor. Humor is like the dessert after the main dinner, we wait for it, want to know what is special for the day.Philosophy or thoughts that makes you ponder, are another exercise that keeps you thinking , it is like a humming, tune…

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A poem for all

Learn lessons from those who fall
Served a lifetime as vet for long
Loving animals can not repay
nor live long
Never could build a circle strong
what did went wrong ?
Had it been human being
Would it be same song ?
Perhaps answer is yes..
What to learn from this instance
My time is gone..
Freed many from pain..and yet
got trapped in poverty’s net
Serve with care , love them all
Save a little for self ..never fall ?