I follow you and sometimes you follow me :))

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At word press, it has been sometime that I got active and posted regularly. Although, the internet fails to let me remain log in , still I am addicted to this Virtual world. What fascinates me is the amazing contribution of photographs that has captured the beauty, mood and feel of a space, depicting culture and taste . The inspiring poems that describe everyday life, so softly and tenderly , like a piano recital. The writers who bring the values of society and culture, in a challenging perspective for readers to think deep, and search for answers if any. Life has so many aspects, and one that gives us pleasure is humor. Humor is like the dessert after the main dinner, we wait for it, want to know what is special for the day.Philosophy or thoughts that makes you ponder, are another exercise that keeps you thinking , it is like a humming, tune…

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3 responses to “I follow you and sometimes you follow me :))”

  1. Yup, the amazing poetry, photographs and articles and stories that attract us into the virtual world


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    1. Never thought about the virtual world had so much reality


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