Which one is uglier

People are connected and divided by emotions, feelings and attachments. What hurts us more? biased opinions or favoring high ups ? We, the normal people who are destined to succeed with hurdles in our way .
Sometimes it is racism, others it is religious beliefs and more than often economic status that we achieved or inherited .
Each day , we wake up to remain alive and at night we are happy that we survived, the battle of words, the scheming of plots and cornering of courage..we are looked down , as if this status was created by us.
We..are trying not to be pulled down by those who discriminate and am fighting to resists that push from those who despise us due to their “biased opinions”.
What hurts us most is, when our family starts to think like the others who have judged us with in-just.
It is ugly to be hated by others and uglier to be let down by those who are important and close to our heart.
Give us a chance, be patient and content..we are alive and have a life..to live and be free…or soon we will become intolerant and rebellious ..to tear down all the values that are blocking our stride..to become those whom you admire…But wait..is that what we want ?…
no…never..we want to be ordinary people..we got our self respect and that is our pride and crown..no matter how you smear and jeer at us..we are who we are the majority ..we the people

7 thoughts on “Which one is uglier

  1. A wide open subject in the words. I learn from 56 years of living. You must know self-happiness. Can’t make all people happy. Family comes first and we must seek peace and joy where-ever we land.

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