Attitude or aptitude

Human relationships have two main focus points. It is your attitude or aptitude, when we meet anyone, through their work or in person. Their aptitude is the main reason for interaction, then comes attitude issues.
Positive or or destructive , our evaluation is continuous..not because we are being judgmental in terms of labeling .. rather we are trying to find links ..or connections that are intangible yet important. Some refer to it as similar frequency , the indication of having equal amount of interest ..when we feel differently about a similar issue it is welcomed as a fresh angle, but when we fail to understand the subject , that is unacceptable. Because , we fail due to our low level of intelligence and poor concentration on the topic.
Many times as I read women magazines, there is always a column where they would focus on “what interest men” , as I skim ( no I am not trying to learn that 😉 it reveals, the subject shows how important it is to be focused, be subjective and Honest.

SO, honesty is a ” key ingredient” for any relationship to make or break. When we are dishonest, we tend to lie by nodding our head indicating that we do understand but actually ..the whole thing went over our head..that is one of the reason, I write a comment on blog sort of vents out my understanding and gives the blogger a turn to correct me or add to my knowledge..and whenever someone post an incredible writing or photograph..the only way I can keep it by resonates the idea/feeling/message posted originally.

6 responses to “Attitude or aptitude”

  1. Sometimes, when there is nothing to say, do I need to find something to talk?


  2. Another great observation by you… Amazing 🙂

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  3. simple wisdom 🙂 ❤ ❤

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