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Yes or No

A big applause to United Kingdom and Scotland for their tolerance and courage. Read and heard so many long speeches about democracy, this is the first instance  in history that truly democratic referendum showed the world , that a Kingdom can not only allow a voting process to take place, it goes a step forward and promises to reform the overall governance system.

A brave act, the way it all happened and no fist fights, no bullets, nor any coup attempt. Amazingly , the stepping down of the campaign leader , all this showed how politics can also be clean and without any blaring and ugly remarks.

When the PM said, “we hear you” it was so refreshing, it felt that people are heard with votes, they are now waiting for their effective representation in the governance they have opted for, and the time table set will unfold the intentions in reality.

I am not an expert on any of political magic, yet this was to me a very much a trend setter, we talk about democracy but seldom we display any respect , this was awesome..let us hope that freedom could be won through ballot boxes in other countries that have more than one nation. Let us hope,that opposition leaders have integrity and respect for sovereignty as showed in Scotland instance.

Those who voted for Independence had tears, were angry , had frustrations but they  displayed tolerance and patience. I salute them all those who voted for Yes and those who opted for No.


In my mind

I only can think as much as I can feel.

I can feel as much as I can see and learn..

I learn only as much as I seek

I want to know ..where my life goes

I want to ensure ..I never end up in hell to burn

So , I seek the truth in believe and in my self

I want to practice easy it is

Or how hard is it, for me

I must be my own master , before I master skills

I learned  over years in life , from here and there

everywhere ..every one..every source.

I need to learn how to heal.


Lost and lost again

I was your love a little bit  no more

it never was “in-love” status , so you ignored

The songs I sang, were not rhyming

The tales I told were not really old

The dance I did , were steps that I flipped

never was I good enough for more

It was not love ,it was not love

You cried out aloud 🙂

I did feel your pain , your frustrations began

I enjoyed the episode 🙂

I felt good at last, it was a resting abode

I failed  and lost again and again

Magical as was..gone was the pain.

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The parts of the whole

The parts of the whole.

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Perfection is a need..indeed :)

dezeen_Stonescape-by-Kengo-Kuma_2 whether you  realize it or not, but perfection is the other name for survival, for beauty  and life. Composition, spatial arrangement , links and effects all must be in perfect harmony for any space to become a place. A doctor or a surgeon must prescribe perfectly and operate exactly or someone will die . You must wear, clothes or makeup ,hairdo fashion shoes perfectly matching your size or you can trip slip and fall. When we are cooking , we have to be perfect at all stages or waste the ingredients ..Politicians can not make any mistakes for a single approval or denial will lead to wars, famine and deaths.

Justice needs perfection,  and so does your family relationship..I used to think imperfection can be accepted , but when the documents displayed another department instead of the one I belong to..I didn’t accept the mistake..I wanted my certificate to be perfect.

Perfection in everything is needed, it does tire , take more time and effort , keep us vigilant and escape no short must be lived fully or it is wasted..So..from today..try to be perfect…in everything you do..It is not impossible just a bit difficult.

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Flowers says it all

EchinaceaCheyenneSpirit.jpg.rendition.largest From closed up buds to blooming garden filled with fragrance that brings says it all..look good alive even for a day or two but put the best of show got one life..but so many dreams like flowers in garden of life. Spring may have ended, Autumn is coming..with golden leaves ..yet  flowers adorn life with rich variety.


Don’t smile if you never mean it..

Smiles are gift that we send from far and get it too..and each time we enjoy someone’s work or words or two..we smile ..the corners of lips they turn in fold and we do hold this moment in our heart..and as night advance..this moment is taken out and we can actually hear the sound..of a laughter within..eyes closed we watch this moment that makes cold feet it gets bold..and throw the blanket ..toss it’s folds..smiles are priceless..they leave the lips and settle in heart..and encourage people to melts away anger and evaporates sadness too..depressions can surround only38 a smile can clean all that dampness in your smile when you mean it from is priceless and bold.

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From dust to dust




Carl warner

from dust to dust we must pass this dunes of time, but as we progress from childhood to youth..we wait for puberty and the time of being young adults..freckled face and unsure eyes..that watch and wait..this time does pass like it has wings to fly..although we want to live long and healthy ..yet we fear from within to be labelled as Old..I was told..the reason Adam got into trouble was..he couldn’t hold back his wish to remain young forever..he feared not to age..but to get old and is part of our our father, stay young and look younger..than we are 🙂


Music Update: Michael Mulholland #14 in the Music Charts…

Beautiful songs , can listen forever..