Yes or No

A big applause to United Kingdom and Scotland for their tolerance and courage. Read and heard so many long speeches about democracy, this is the first instance  in history that truly democratic referendum showed the world , that a Kingdom can not only allow a voting process to take place, it goes a step forward and promises to reform the overall governance system.

A brave act, the way it all happened and no fist fights, no bullets, nor any coup attempt. Amazingly , the stepping down of the campaign leader , all this showed how politics can also be clean and without any blaring and ugly remarks.

When the PM said, “we hear you” it was so refreshing, it felt that people are heard with votes, they are now waiting for their effective representation in the governance they have opted for, and the time table set will unfold the intentions in reality.

I am not an expert on any of political magic, yet this was to me a very much a trend setter, we talk about democracy but seldom we display any respect , this was awesome..let us hope that freedom could be won through ballot boxes in other countries that have more than one nation. Let us hope,that opposition leaders have integrity and respect for sovereignty as showed in Scotland instance.

Those who voted for Independence had tears, were angry , had frustrations but they  displayed tolerance and patience. I salute them all those who voted for Yes and those who opted for No.

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  1. No way not ever are you kidding ok yes maybe no

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