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I am not :)

I am not a teacher
I hardly teach or preach
I am just a listener
I am close ..if you want to reach

I see your hidden tears
I sense your fear too
I can not give you guarantee
Since lessons from past are few

All I can do,is genuinely smile at you


we missed you but not really :)

when you are gone
they will sing a song
he was so wrong
for so long
we miss him for sure
but not any more
vodka price ..he made it soar
now he is gone
let us sing the song
you were always wrong šŸ™‚
and best part can not prolong

and continue the bla bla for on and on

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How much can you take ?

Reality vs fake , genuine vs copy ..slowly things are losing that inherent quality that is basis of anything. From products to relationship, smiles that never reach your eyes..dies on your lips..laughter that is hollow to hide the roaring anger or depression within…faking it all to live in a theatrical life. The show is always on, you can not say the truth because it will not be accepted.. and you lie..that is a fabrication..twisting and turning..hiding and misleading…How much can we take this fake ? CosmeticsĀ  has changed the natural look to an extent that real skin , eye colors and sightĀ  doesn’t reflect your origin nor age..we are trying to cheat..people think we are.. what we are not ..but what we show them to many layers will be washed and torn away before the real person is deep must we investigate ..we don’t trust anymore..because in a world full of fakes..the real ones are difficult to find..and we haveĀ  lost our ability to evaluate/recognize the genuineĀ  heart, intelligent mind and loving soul..

Picture Poetry

Walk alone

831[1] (picture by Mike Lagersted )

Walk alone..if you know the path

Walk alone in dead of night

Now it is dark ..soonĀ  there will be light

for you and others ..who have their own path

wait for one can

nor you can beĀ  me

human relationship

Why we get tricked ?

Always we are warned by elders and now more by internet..information is from all sides..pouring in and it then drowns us. Yes. too much of anything is not good..key word is moderation.
I get tricked easily..because I trust freely..and don’t doubt others intentions..but this is not the only reason..for getting tricked…no. I think, it is about my self control..If I learn to control my eagerness, bluntness, and the urge to experiment..thinking that I am clever..I may not get tricked .. So..who is difficult to trick ?
1. Someone who is cool..
2. Someone who thinks before the leap.
3. Someone who controls inner desires.

Yes..Satan does trick me often and by leading me to belief like a fool..but it is not only Satan’s is actually my weakness that gets cashed on..but still I find it convenient to blame those who trick me, rather than controlling my own urges.
Never get greedy..for anything in life..never think anything is free of cost to enjoy..we pay a price for everything we use or abuse, we have to be careful in getting amused.


what love means

To love is to share life together

A relationship forever

To walk hand in hand side by side

smilingĀ  eyes filled with pride

one by one,dreams comes true

freshness in mind as morning dews

love creates moments that outlive time

Life pass by, no one realize

it is love that can protect and lead minds to progress

love is for everyone..and everyone for love is best šŸ™‚

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Nag nag ..uhu

Married life is tough. Ask my husband and he will nod and nod and nod. Yes..I am always asking him to do this and directions is my favorite. It makes me feel in control. I always ask him to turn off the ceiling fan whenever he wants to climb up to get something from the overhead storage space. he avoids my instruction and thinks it is absolutely silly to turn it off.
Last week, he climbed up and whush the fan edge touched his forehead and it was a cut. Blood was oozing , the domestic help were screaming and one of them knocked at my door. I came out and it was messy..quickly tried and stopped the blood. Made him lie down..he wanted to view the cut , got him a mirror and took him to hospital..the doctor stitched and medicines and returned home…all because ..he never listens to this entire time..I kept on praying silently and assuring him nothing bad will happen..everything is under is a slight worries.
I still worry..what he is up to now šŸ˜‰ men are really like kids..