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Why we get tricked ?

Always we are warned by elders and now more by internet..information is from all sides..pouring in and it then drowns us. Yes. too much of anything is not good..key word is moderation.
I get tricked easily..because I trust freely..and don’t doubt others intentions..but this is not the only reason..for getting tricked…no. I think, it is about my self control..If I learn to control my eagerness, bluntness, and the urge to experiment..thinking that I am clever..I may not get tricked .. So..who is difficult to trick ?
1. Someone who is cool..
2. Someone who thinks before the leap.
3. Someone who controls inner desires.

Yes..Satan does trick me often and by leading me to belief like a fool..but it is not only Satan’s is actually my weakness that gets cashed on..but still I find it convenient to blame those who trick me, rather than controlling my own urges.
Never get greedy..for anything in life..never think anything is free of cost to enjoy..we pay a price for everything we use or abuse, we have to be careful in getting amused.

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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