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I heard that you..

I heard that you flew with the winds that blew
from the north they said , cold and chilling
but you never called me..I was buried in the snow

I heard that you swam away with waves
giant as mountains and brave as whales
I never had a chance to fly or to swim
Next, time you go..will you take me with you
will you ask me to join ..will you wait for me or no

I heard that you all talked in my absence
I heard that you didn’t utter a word
yet said and implied so many notions
if, you never want me to join
If you never love me anymore
Why should I hope for friendship ?
Why should you keep me as a friend ?

I heard many things from others
I want to hear from you too sometimes
will you call me or want me ?
tell me now ..or let me go


In a dark night

Silence is not expected of you
when in a dark night there two
they never want to speak
not even a word or two
they close off their senses
they don’t need..that’s true
touching the inner desires
fire that burns and brews
the sensations in feelings
those ,,you miss when the kid
lights up the room to view
you turn your to see him stand for loo
the lights you turned off woo
silence is not needed when two got a company to keep is time to get some sleep 🙂