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Tears were invisible

Life was sinking
Hope was shattered
News of death was an axe
Shocked feelings
Numbed emotions
Tears invisible
Mind stressed

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Rains in winter


Winter Rains brings smiles to lips

Walk not slip

stretch your arms and feel it drip

open your lips 🙂 drink a bit

the fresh droplets will  fill your heart

with hope and love..yes.that’s a start

close your eyes as you feel it seep

whispering is deep


Look at me :)

Turn around and look at me

I am just behind you..can you see ?

Now..that you turned ..I hid behind the tree

Again you walked..and I followed like a breeze

brushed passed you…left fragrance of sea

you felt a certain chill..yearned for tea

don’t get confused..I got tricks up my sleeve

always am naughty…as I can be 🙂


Live life ..peacefully

Life can be warm..or hot
Life can be easy..somewhat
Life can be blooming..or rot
Life can be a blessing..or not
Life is a gift ..but is not free

Value life..never abuse it..please :))

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Life must end one day

Death awaits us..bloody or calm
In rough sea or beach side under palms
untimely ..if we are young
tragically when killed by guns
I understand that we must die one day
Dying is never easy..
but getting brutally way !


Please be careful..and caring too.

In this mega universe where most of us can not even list or know things that surrounds us , we are wasting time creating problems and issues. Natural catastrophe , epidemic and disease may be controlled..but what happens when killing tools get widely promoted and drones are hot cakes in the market.
People are not really interested in the effect of killings rather triumph in the act of spreading sensational stories .
The value system that was making us concerned , is waved away..hidden under the rug. Not many would care today about how they lead this life ..all they want is “pleasures” moments of exhilarating experiences..then what ? soaring pains..those who have feelings for others and care for human beings , will always condemn act of terrorism and violence.
If you want peace, prosperity and freedom…liberate your mind and look around..the whole Universe is for you to learn and serve.


Is it this way or that way ;)

I have sight ..but can I see ?
I have I hear ?
I have it rusting again ?
I have I feel your pain..
I have smiles..Do I give it ?
I have it for others too ?
I have a life..and while I live..will it be worth at all


Season within

I look at mirror and the one who looks back at me, is always in a conversation. Even , when I am trying to be silent and serious, she can go away and return from unknown travels..making me feel , that play and work ,relaxation and tensions , sadness and happiness are from within me seasons..each has winds and storms.
I realize. that although my face is very much mine..but I can not see it in real, I always must look at its reflection..a mirrored image although everyone can see name is mine..but I seldom call myself..and others use it as many times they identity is for others , but the life I lead is for myself.
I live beyond this life , when I am a believer and I live only till I die , if I don’t believe in life after death.Others don;t matter. People can say many things argue and corner me , but they will live their own life and I must live mine.
How much should I care about their opinions ? I should care enough not to disturb them or be rude , but stick to my own beliefs..there may be more than 6 seasons or less than depends where I am located geographically..not that seasons doesn’t exists if I do not experience those in my zone.
I must liberate my thoughts and let my eyes seek, ear listen and heart feel..the seasons within ..

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Winter and Snow

A poetry in white
written by Mr. Snow 🙂
All over the Forrest
Here , there & everywhere we go
Little Miss Winter
smiles more and more
no don’t sleep late
you do Snore 😉

Keep the windows closed
and don’t yell from door
I am just near you..wait a bit no more