Season within

I look at mirror and the one who looks back at me, is always in a conversation. Even , when I am trying to be silent and serious, she can go away and return from unknown travels..making me feel , that play and work ,relaxation and tensions , sadness and happiness are from within me seasons..each has winds and storms.
I realize. that although my face is very much mine..but I can not see it in real, I always must look at its reflection..a mirrored image although everyone can see name is mine..but I seldom call myself..and others use it as many times they identity is for others , but the life I lead is for myself.
I live beyond this life , when I am a believer and I live only till I die , if I don’t believe in life after death.Others don;t matter. People can say many things argue and corner me , but they will live their own life and I must live mine.
How much should I care about their opinions ? I should care enough not to disturb them or be rude , but stick to my own beliefs..there may be more than 6 seasons or less than depends where I am located geographically..not that seasons doesn’t exists if I do not experience those in my zone.
I must liberate my thoughts and let my eyes seek, ear listen and heart feel..the seasons within ..


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