Life must end one day

Death awaits us..bloody or calm
In rough sea or beach side under palms
untimely ..if we are young
tragically when killed by guns
I understand that we must die one day
Dying is never easy..
but getting brutally way !

6 responses to “Life must end one day”

  1. Life starts and stops,
    People come and go.

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    1. Few remain in our memories..others we forget as time flies..

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  2. Life starts spiritually and physically in this world, share, care, love, making life better for others, write, inspire, lift, refresh, for there is a time the flesh will fade, but at that moment your spirit live eternal days, because of the love seeds your planted and shared with your sisters and brothers! I love your poem! Blessings!

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    1. thank you ..for your thoughts and liking too..Blessings to you.


  3. I live in France and your poem did touch my heart… ❤ merci-thanx! life and death go together from the very birth to the end… to die = to cease to exist… but it's hard to accept and to admit sudden, unexpected death…


    1. thank you for feeling the pain of loss with me.


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