Finishing A Dream Come True Version 2 ( inspired by bjgaulton)

It was a dream

summer waves

lapping on feet

when the lights got turned on

I frowned

but quickly I where I had left

waves  on my feet

feeling so cool

feeling the breeze

wanted to stay ..inside the pool

loved this bounce

up and down

slow..and sure

am happy to have found

my way back in dreams..

with you standing with ice cream

I am still in night gown ūüôā


Change is a MUST !

Long time ago , people had “he and she” concept..Now, that we¬† have progressed we must be more flexible. Yes..earlier girls were girls and boys were boys..not anymore..they can always inter change..Parents don’t have to worry about finding a right girl..he may well get married to his best friend..or soccer mate..Got a problem with that? Well.not really…but slowly science has taken over romantic moods…Now¬† if some would write lyrics..will it be okay..with two girls together..hand in hand…walking along beach..and¬† using toys ?

Okay…we¬† must get matured and think…what is good for many¬† more¬† votes can we pleasing so many..and others don’t have¬† a they must accept the inevitable…YES..CHANGE…


No time..not now..then when

Have you ever heard someone tell you..not now..and then give you a maybe tomorrow..if there is no promise for a tomorrow…it means never. Yes.. that is a clever conclusion ..well after many refusals I learned it meant NEVER.

Slowly..reluctantly I accepted NO for an answer..whether it was a delay tactic or not looking into eyes while answering..all this and more are subtle ways to let you .believe..that person is genuinely not interested in what ever bla bla you got in store..You are not deliciously¬† interesting..If that hurts..ouch! then look quickly in the mirror..frowns are not crowns to wear… if you must then wear a smile…feels good..when you look great ūüėČ

Suppose you took lots of trouble to locate/identify a blogger for a certain award..and she/he refuses..does it break your heart…bahhhhhhaa….NO.. it just makes you feel…confused?

Well..they obviously don’t have time for that kind of meager meaning less efforts..I am learning..


whispers in the air

the words were like a dream
it was composed
but had a feel
of float
yes it went on air
from there to here
then there
i read from top to last
my eyes were reading fast
it ended
I stared..
life exists somewhere
but ..where;)


Why worry..



The above quote makes it easy ?¬† Not always , because those we like are usually better or equal to us..that is why..we want them to stay..but..thy got higher¬† its like each one got a balloon..filled with air (dreams) but the string is missing and holding¬† on with fingers is not worth..let it go..let it go..doesn’t want you ..don’t you know.. a voice¬† echoes in head..and unwillingly we let it go..makes us sad..but relieves us too..was not mine nothing to do :))


we seldom try to change .

Think about your habits..bad  once for sure.

are¬† like glued on to your soul..its ensured ūüôā

waking up late..or chatting as you hang on gate

eating you watch the television at full

Never can you or want to change ..

But  you want us all to arrange

a good girl for you !!!

Why? what did the poor soul do

to deserve someone as horrible as you

Please change..your  habits from bad to good soon

or your life’s morning will get past its afternoon.


Life and death ..Day and night

Spend each day as last day ..then you will value relationships more in every way..for you gone how would your loved ones cry..miss and feel the pain…So , while alive give them a hug or kiss..what if I am no longer here after this…tell them what you want them to know..who knows you would get old or die young a soul.

Treasure¬† life and be prepared for is certain..but don’t wait too much ūüėČ It shall come when time is right..just before that..get everything in place..and keep up the on your face..and hope in your eyes..

Life is day..when you work away..contribute and share , sorrows or happiness..blessings from God..and the a reminder of death..when you sleep..and close your know not..if again you would see the light of day..will there be a tomorrow  again.


SIlent lips..lonely trip

Lips don’t move

nor eyes can see

ears are deaf

what can it be?

Heat stroke has killed them all

1000 people ..huge not small

seldom can we realize the truth

Nature has its limits too

Slowly , slowly we felled trees

Now the sun comes scorching at me

No where to shades of trees

Death looms and catches us instantly

Save the nature..please save me

Life Poetry

Didn’t get time

No one does
when time comes
no good byes
time flies
death decides
silent cry
fall on dead ears
no more smiles
no more cheers


are you listening or hearing it out :) dude




a smile  or two

from me